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Reasons for joining the CCO/Military


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I'm not sure if it's good form to discuss topics of this nature or not but thought that some would not mind sharing their stories.

For myself it started last year. 
I work in the oilpatch here in Alberta.  I make a pretty good living off of it, but for the first time in a number of years the 'patch was slowing down.  I had a little time to kind of have a look at things and I realized that my family and I have it pretty good.  I had the time and finally the desire to give something back to my community and my country.  I looked at some of the community service organizations out there and found that I wanted to contribute more substantially than most of those organizations allowed.  I decided that joining the Reserves and serving my country would be where I could contribute the most.  Unfortunately there is no reserve unit closer than two and a half hours to me so the distances made working part-time for the  CF difficult.

I had been a cadet as a youth and learned a lot from that experience.  I looked for an army cadet unit in my area and placed a phone call asking if they were looking for any help.  Would you believe that by some small coincidence they were looking for help?  So I became a volunteer and then a CI.  I am going whole hog now and becoming CIC, I hope to attest this fall assuming everything goes OK with the medical.

The cadets turned out to be a perfect fit for me.  I believe I am contributing to my community and my country.  I hope I am giving something to my brethren in the Reg Force and Primary Reserves.  I hope to be helping to raise our nations future leaders.  I guess I believe that what we are doing matters.

That's my story, I hope others take the time to share their story.

Remember the Cadet!