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Prior Learning Assessment Review( PLAR ) FAQs


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So, what's the current ETA for a PLAR these days? I'm entering my 2nd month, getting the "next week" from CFRC, so, anyone got a ball park figure to toss around?

I'm an old hand with the waiting game, just trying to keep my morale up, see where the responses may fall within my personal betting pool.

Having just gone through that last year, and helping a few others with it this year, the answer is .....

Depends. One of the biggest variables will be which school/college/university/academy (etc) you received your qualification from. If it was someplace that already has had dealings with the Forces (RMC, U of M, Mun, what used to be NSIT, etc) it will potentially be quicker and more pain free. However, if your qualification comes from an institution that the CF has never heard of, it will take some time. The process is not straight forward if an equivalency has not already been determined it will take some time.
The majority of the information is in house. I have some prior education/training in trades, but I don't think that would be much of an issue. I have a commercial pilot's license, but I'm returning to the army so I doubt that would come into consideration. I'm returning to the infantry as an NCM, so I'd like to believe that it won't go past 2 months.

I don't mind the waiting, but a timeline would be nice. I keep hearing "soon." I love that.
hello to anyone who can answer my question.  The recruiting centre told me that I need to have a prior learning assesment done in Borden because I have prior service.  I am wondering how long this usually takes.  I was told that Borden is entitled to 60 days to make a decision, but I just wanted to know if I can expect a long wait (2 months) or if things are going through quickly.


Doesn't really talk about the time frame of PLAR here, but tons of other info.  I couldn't find anything time frame related.
In your case, this is probably tied to your Verification of Former Servie - they need to see what has changed since you left, and determine what qualifications they can grant you on enrolment.  If you've taken any civvy-side courses or maintained any technical skills since your release (and can document them) those factors may also come into play.

Timelines depend on who is tasked to do the assessment(s), what else they have going on, and how long ago you served - if they have to dust off 1973 course standards, it might take a while...
my release date was Jan. 05 (medical category change that has just been resolved, long story).  i graduated BMQ and was partially through my SQ course when my category changed.  so the only qualifications i have are BMQ.  So is the prior learning assesment just to see if i will be granted a recruit school by-pass?  If that is it, can I assume that a decision will be make quickly, if they are not back logged in Borden?
That should be (relatively) painless, unless you're applying for a skilled trade with civilian training and experience (say, for example, you're a mechanic on civvy street applying to be a vehicle technician).
On civvy street i am a ticketed welder, but i applied for 291 comm resch op. since that trade's occupational medical category matches my changed category. And i have no related 291 experience at all.  thanks for your posts, hope everything moves quickly.
better than starting a new thread...

Anyone know what unit in Borden does the PLAR?
My file was on PLAR for 2 months, and that was quick because before it was put on PLAR, I was told that my papers will be cleared fairly quickly.  I finished at University of Toronto and had all my license, diplomas and certifications.  During in which your file is on PLAR, they may ask for more paperwork. In my case, I had to drop off something at least once a week.
PLAR's are sent to CFRG in Borden and if it's simple then they process within two weeks. CFRG in Borden can only grant a basic training bypass called RSBP or IAP bypass based on past military service. ALL other qualifications must get submitted to the Managing Authority of that particular trade.

As an example: You have a civilian licence as a mechanic then CFSEME who teaches vehicle techs has to review the PLAR to determine what if any credit you will get and any training you can bypass.

So it depends on the qualification you are seeking and how detailed the PLAR is how long it takes.
I wouldn't be too concerned with time frames for these i'm still waiting for mine to be finished and it's been 14 months now, although I did hand them about 500 pieces of paper. It will start off slowly then when you are enlisted it may take a little more prompting to people to continue to chase it up for you.
I am just trying to get back in the forces - same trade. I have ql3. I was told it would take 2 days. But it has been 2 months.
My old Sgt told me to contact them to make the file priority.

We shall see.
Sigger said:
better than starting a new thread...

Anyone know what unit in Borden does the PLAR?

PLAR for Military qual is done by DLM at CDA in Kingston.

PLAR for University equivalences is done by the PLAR section of DCS at RMC.

I was advised by kingston CFRC staff that my PLAR is in Borden...
Thanks all for the info.

I would assume, from speaking with my BOR pre release, and from most other sources, that the whole re application process should be speedy, as the fact that A. I was out a year; B. I am in sup res; and b. All my docs (MPRR, Med docs ets) were available at my unit.

But I suppose I shall continue the old game: watch and shoot.
I have been waiting for quite a while for the results of my PLAR that the CF is doing as I curently work as a med lab tech which they consider a skilled trade. They told me today that they are hoping to look at it this week but can tell me that I am medically fit, so the PLAR is the only thing they are waiting for.  Can anyone point me in any direction for more information on the PLAR, timelines, etc. I did a search, and can f ind lots on PLAR, but it seems as though it is mostly when people are going from reserve to reg force. I am hoping to get into basic in November, as I know of at least one person that found out today that their start date is Nov 23/09.

Much like everything else about the recruiting process, times can vary. Especially with something like a PLA from a civilian qualification. The only case in which I would expect someone to have the exact same processing time as you would be if they had the exact same qualifications as you, being processed by the same person, with the same amount of back-log on his/her desk, at the same time of year, when they're in the same mood.

Seriously, you've been given an estimate of hopefully sometime this week. That's about as good of a guess as you're going to get from anyone.
For a PLAR we send all your information on education and work experience to the Managing Authority of the trade (Career Manager's office) and he/she makes a decision on what you get offered based on the trade and trade specs. It could take a few weeks while the MA looks at all the info. It's out of the hands of the Recruiting Centre.