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Preparing for Logistics Officer interview


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Hey, I am preparing for an interview as a Logistics Officer in the Airforce. I've read a few threads on here about LogO's but there is quite a dearth of information, so I was hoping I could ask a few questions to some of you out there with experience of the trade.

1) Apparently the trade is changing from LogO's choosing between transport, food, etc.. to everyone going into one stream that diverges later on into only two paths, LSO and LFO, correct?

2) What would some typical junior LogO positions be?

3) the overview of the trade on the recruitment website talks about the initial training at the CFLTC in Borden. Does anyone know what the further training track is?

Thanks in advance.

1) Yes, the plan is for LSO and LFO. LSO will mainly cover all the supply, transport, HR roles, though the full plan is still subject to change (from what I know).

2) I'll let someone more experienced answer it.

3) Initial training for courses is at Borden with some exceptions. Army Log O's do BMOQ-A in one of a few locations (Gagetown, Meaford, Aldershot, ...). Navy Log O's do a couple navy-related courses in Esquimalt or Halifax. In addition, Franco Log O's sometimes do all/part of their intiial training at Valcartier. And for Air Log O's, LOCA (Log Air) has been held in Winnipeg lately. Further specialization can be held in Borden (Foods) or elsewhere (Ammo Technical Officer). Also note, courses are rarely back to back, so in between you will do on the job training at whatever base you are posted to.