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Preparing for Basic


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Hey guys, I’m scared of failing BMQ, I applied to be an image tech. Some info about me: I weigh 110 kg, female and can’t do more than 5 push-ups.
I’ve recently been running to improve and can run 2k in around 16 mins if I try really hard (also I’ve been running in the cold so it’s harder on my lungs)
I’ve also been doing lots of weighted squats cuz I’ve heard that helps a lot, but I need more suggestions, I’m really scared of failing and especially at the force test. Any suggestions would help, thanks.


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Hi Wendigoo,

Focus on your fitness as a whole. Lots and lots of cardio with resistance and weight training mixed in to build up your strength and endurance. Start early and set realistic goals for improvement.

As for the FORCE test, I've seen fit people fail and unfit people pass. Find a way to practice the different elements of the test and learn techniques that work for you. I struggled with rushes because I'm a very large guy. I've seen many fit, but petite, women struggle with the drag. Practice for the test, but improve your general fitness and you should be successful.

If you aren't successful on your first attempt, you're generally provided a second attempt. If unsuccessful on your second attempt, you'll be assigned to RFT (Remedial Fitness Training) where you will focus on fitness in an effort to meet minimum standards.

Most importantly, arrive to BMQ in the best shape possible.

Good luck!
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Hello Wendigo,

I am in the same boat as you, starting my BMOQ next January 2022. I'm fairly small, standing at 5'4" and weighing barely 45 kg. I'm better at cardio than I am and push-ups lol. :ROFLMAO:

So far, your workout sounds good. I've been hitting up the gym for strength and cardio training 5 days a week to avoid the cold winter weather. If you know any gyms nearby (LA Fitness, GoodLife Fitness, etc.) and are financially able to get a membership then go for it!

Also, there's been a lot of various answers as to how readily "fit" you should be. I aim to meet all these requirements noted on the main website: Joining the Canadian Armed Forces | Canadian Armed Forces

Hope you do well at Basic! :salute:


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