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Pre-WENG TECH Trade Amalgamation Question


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Apologies to everyone on the board for this question.

I've noticed the move recently to amalgamate the CSE trades into a single trade - divided into categories that fit the older trade structure - over the last couple of years, but I have a question about the older naval electronics technician trade.

When I served on HMCS Saguenay between 1987-89, I recall that senior NETs were all auto-remustered after their PO2-level courses into a single supervisory trade that would manage all the individual NETs on a ship; just like how MAR ENG TECHs at the PO2 stage were re-mustered to MAR ENG ARTs before getting promoted to PO1.

Unfortunately, I don't recall the actual NET supervisory trade name as such has long since been removed from the various websites I could access for this information.  I would like to know if such a trade existed circa summer of 2010 and what it was called; this is for a fan fiction story I'm in the midst of writing right now.

Thanks again!
There used to be a remuster to NET(S) at PO1 and later that was changed to NET(M) at CPO2. Dunno when the change was made, but probably before 2010 of I still remember it.
NET(S), I assume, means "Naval Electronics Technician (Systems)."  What does NET(M) mean?
Hmmm . . . sounds pretty fair to me.  Thanks again for this, drunknsubmrnr!  It's appreciated!
To mariomike, since I couldn't reply to the letter you sent me because your mailbox is full, here's the link to the story part where the information I asked for here was needed:


Read down about 1/5th the way to see the section in question.  The notes about the amalgamation into WENG TECH are at the bottom of the part.
Thanks, Fred. Sorry about that.

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