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Options Between Courses


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Does anyone know what is done when you are between courses?  For example, if you are in a trade where you are required to complete a few courses prior to initial non-training posting and there is significant time between courses.  I am really wondering if the CF will allow you to work between courses at a unit closer to home.  I.e. courses in Borden and family in Saskatchewan.  I interviewed a few people that have gone through the process and some said that it was done for them and not for others.  Just wondering what other people have experienced.
It depends on a million different factors, what trade you are, what stage you are in your training, how long is the wait between courses, what personnel are required where you are and where you want to go, who your supervisor is and is he/she willing to help you, which way the wind is blowing, etc. If you do find yourself in a situation with a long wait (4 months or more between courses) away from your family it is possible but not a sure thing. Expect the worst and hope for the best. Hope this helps.