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Manuge v Her Majesty the Queen (c Oct 30, 2019)

Well I decided instead of me trying to weed through all the different information I would simply submit a claim and see what happens. Figure the worst case scenario is that I will get nothing which is what I would receive by not submitting so might as well submit and maybe get something. Most I have done is wasted a minute rather than all day.
My quick reading reveals that if you are in the VAC class, currently receiving benefits, no action is required, pretty sure. Also, if I read correctly again, we should receive payment by September. Nine months from the decision. Pretty sure I read that right🤔
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I sent an email to one of the lawyers at Mcinnes Cooper, this was his reply.


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Well, it was pretty plain and clear what the Class Action folks told me on the phone. So either she has dementia/mind lost or she is correct and I triple checked asking her several times just to specifically make clear. She even read out the policy and it included Disability Awards INCLUDING anyone who received ANY FORM OF VAC BENEFITS SUCH AS LUMP SUM Awards. Then she told me to make sure I submit the online claim and that I will receive my compensation by End of 2024. No date, just a timeframe. She said ALL payments will be Finalized by end of 2024. So, I am going with what the Class Action folks are telling me.

the first three questions on the FAQ talk about Lump sum payouts not being included. if you were talking to them and got different information, what is the right answer here? obviously none of us have any clue about what is or isn't being paid out because we aren't part of the law firms involved in this so why the different messaging?

do we all just submit a claim anyway? the reason I am asking this now is because this article from CTV just popped into my news feed.

so I guess we need a clarification from someone who is representing the law firm.
IScreenshot (82).pngI received this as a response as well as Several PDF files. anyone expecting payout for Lump Sum payments, I would assume regardless of what you were told on the phone, is not happening. however they do say monthly payments, which I don't know if that included Additional Pain and Suffering payments.

point is I think the FAQ is the Update and that is a reliable source of information, however nothing is stopping you from submitting a claim.
these are the PDF files sent as well


If your already a VAC client you don't need to do anything. The claims are for family members or people that aren't VAC clients.

When they speak of monthly benefits they are not talking about any of the pension for life benefits which includes APSC.

The reason there are news articles is because a lot of the veterans affected by this lawsuit have passed away so the money would go to family members. In order to make possible family aware they are putting things out in the media. The website specifically shows the benefits that are included in the lawsuit.