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Is there a reason why i would get rejected for getting Braces.


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i was planning on getting braces in the next coming weeks or should i say making an appointment to ask for dental help but my question is would i get rejected if i was asking to straightened my teeth or would their have to be some kind of problem.  if you can help me out on this question it would be great thanks you Troops. oh by the way im Reg Force.
If you're actually in the Reg Force, your dental officer can suggest that you need them - then you have to get confirmation of time left on TOS and a note saying you can't be deployed, etc for the duration of treatment.

If you're trying to get into the Reg Force, you'll be given a waiver to sign that says they won't do anything for your othodontics and that you are aware that you won't be able to continue treamtent during training, etc...might want to wait until you get in and settled before making that jump if you think you'll be enrolled in the near future.