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Introducing TrainSched


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Beginning April 1, 2024, anyone with a DWAN account will be able to view the entire naval training calendar including career and leadership courses for every trade and level conducted at any of NTG’s four Training Establishments: Naval Fleet School Atlantic (Halifax), Naval Fleet School Quebec (Quebec City), Naval Fleet School Pacific or HMCS Venture (Esquimalt) as well as the Fleet Diving Units and Naval Tactical Operations Group.


To access the TrainSched, users simply visit: https://apps.forces.mil.ca/TMS/ or navigate to it via the link on NTG’s intranet home page. Search by entering relevant Fiscal Year and Trades. For example: 2024-2025 and BOSN-00105 will reveal every Boatswain career course for that year.

Searches can be refined by entering Course Name or Code. Results can be viewed in table or chart format depending on user preference. The tool is quick and easy to navigate; however, questions or feedback can be directed to: +ESQ NPTG HQ Scheduling@NPTG HQ@Esquimalt