Interesting Family History


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One of the interesting things about the annual family reunion that my grandmother's clan has been engaging in for as long as I can remember is that we all knew that my grandmother's father served in the First World War. Two years ago, we gathered one August day.... a century to the day of my great-grandfather's last day at home before shipping out.

My mother's cousin painstakingly assembled everything he could about my great-grandfather's service, including his autobiographical account about his service, his letters home to his twin sister, and many other details.

Most curiously, tracing his journey through France based on the information available, I was able to determine that he may well have met my other maternal great-grandfather due to both of them being located in the same town during the same week in early 1918.

Then my paternal grandfather gave me a photo of his uncle, telling me how the others in the photo were KIA, and while the photo wasn't taken anywhere near where my great-grandfathers were.... it was taken the same week, based on the information that came with it.

Rather weird.