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I have a particular situation regarding VOT while untrained (reg force)

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Here's a quick rundown of my situation.

I recently transferred from the reserves as infantry, to the reg force as an Electronic Optronic technician. Recent as of this month, and i have not started any courses in the new trade. I'm currently on PAT while awaiting my first course. Rank is Cpl, and i'm currently stationed in CFB Borden at the RCEME school.

As this process did take a few months, I have had time to think and consider what i'm getting into. While i still find this new trade interesting, i've been reconsidering my choices of career, and curious about how realistic an OT would be at this point. I was looking at a few other trades, but Airborne electronic sensor operator in particular. I am seriously considering making the switch.

I've read up that OTs are a lot easier to do if done early in my contract while still untrained, but I'm also very familiar with the nightmarish admin process the CAF is known for.

The main things i'm trying to figure out are

  1. Is this a realistic or possible option for me given the circumstances?
  2. What is the best way to go about initiating this process?
  3. What complications or issues may I run into?
Your best POC to answer is your local Personel Selection Officer (PSO). Take an apointment, they are specialist in OT...
If you are untrained you aren’t looking for an OT you are looking for a MOC Reassignment.

Get on the DWAN and look up CFAO 11-12.

Read that first. AES Op - show stoppers are not meeting the CFAT cutoff and not being able to get Air Factor 2 on your medical category.