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FSA Navy postings

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I'm applying as an FSA in the Navy, and I'm wondering how a ship posting works for purple trades. Are they sailing just as much as the other hard sea trades?

I'd appreciate if anyone could share their experience on this.

FSA does not belong to a specific element. It is what is know as a “purple” trade, meaning you can be assigned an Army, Navy or Air Force uniform, but are liable still for service anywhere in the CAF- ship, fighter squadron, infantry battalion, base or headquarters- without any real regard for uniform colour.

That said, if you make it known that you want to sail, the system is pretty good about making that happen.

As for how much you will be at sea: that is pretty variable. It depends what coast you are on; what is going on with the sailing schedule and what ship are posted to. It could be anywhere from zero days to well over 200 days in a given year.