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FS: British Patrol Pack DPM aka Northern Ireland Patrol Sack


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FS: British Patrol Pack DPM 30 Liters

I got it overseas. Has been "battle ridden" in the sandbox. Still has some "moon dust" from the box. Can wash it off before you buy it. Great piece of kit. The side pouches don't come off. Has storm flaps for all openings. Basically think of it as a mini famous Bergen. All belts and clips are in tack, and work great. No marker writing on it.

*Genuine Army Issue PLCE Patrol Pack New
*Genuine Issue P.L.C.E NI Patrol Pack
*British Army issue Soldier 2000 patrol sack
*Also  known as the Northern Ireland Patrol Sack
*This pack weighs 1.8kg
*One main pack area and two side pouches
*main pack features a large 30 litre internal compartment
*2 external zipped pockets in the lid
*plus two side pockets
*Very Comfortable Padded Back System
*Highly Water Resistant And tough Bag
*Plenty of attachment points on the outside
*constructed using tough 10 oz DuPont approved Cordura
*It Uses the Quick release Fastex buckles as fastenings
*This Bag is not an Imitation this genuine issue

Not sure how much I want for it. But make me an offer. Willing to trade too, if you got anything interesting. I am looking for a compass in MILS, like what the CF had. Fire me a PM if needed.

Prefer paypal for payment. Shipping in Canada I would guess $15-20.