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Freedom Convoy protests [Split from All things 2019-nCoV]

The Border Mandate was the spark. What gave it the legs is that it is an Anti All Mandates, anti trudeau government protest. There's thousands of people in cars and pickups that are also part of this. So, this poster and her partner, are a week late with a dated false opinion. They say "none of these idiots are affected by the vaccine mandates." They are 100% wrong. Everyone in Canada is affected by the mandates. They totally missed the point of the protest. It is called The Freedom Convoy. Not the Cross Border Unvaxed Trucker Mandate protest.
The information is out there. One only needs to look for it
It's a video. Play it.

Did he or did he not say those words that are printed up top?
So what? Is this some kind of garbage gotcha moment where Jan 6 is a boogeyman? I know what you want to hear, but thankfully Freedom of Expression is the only charter right COVID hasn't spit on yet.

Apparently the organiser has asked people to send her interact e transfers to her personal account now.

Dr Evil Whatever GIF
Great. Another “yellow vest” gong show. At least the original Yellow Vest protest originally had a good point before all the cranks attached themselves to it like barnacles. This one just sounds like a crank-fest right from the get-go.
I'd call it a boogeyman if the guy didn't outright say it. It's a direct quote. It wasn't clipped or made to sound like he was saying something else.

"We'll all go to Parliament and show them what's what" would make Jan 6 look like a boogeyman. This is one step away from the Bond villain telling him what they are (well, someone should be) planning on doing.

I'm not law enforcement, but it sounds an awful lot like a threat.
It sounds like the hyperbolic language you hear when a bunch of pissed off people get together and talk. You also cut the quote off to support your narrative. He went on to say "Not from our guys though, but from somebody. I'd like to see that." (paraphrase)

That is not a threat.

The website for this convoy is almost at 600,000 signed up members. Last estimate from a couple of days ago for participants was 500,000 and growing fast. Support is in the millions with best wishes from the Netherlands, Slovenia, Poland and many other countries. American truckers have been coming north to help. The go fund me is currently around $4.5 million.

And you decide to zero in on this one person as an example as what these millions of Canadians, that are participating and supporting this movement are really all about. Millions of Canadians who are fearful of what this PM is going to do, where he's taking us and what our country will look like when he's done. What they can afford for the next meal or whether they'll have a roof over their heads. Zero compassion for your fellow Canadians because of one quote.

While I'm here, let's dispell your other canard about special interests stealing the donations and laughing about it. You can read how wrong you were about it straight from the horses mouth. BTW, your particular bent on this was started by none other than Gerald Butts on Twitter and good little communists are trying to make it stick.
You've been coming at me from the wrong angle all along. All I have been doing is reporting what I see. I don't live in Ottawa. So I really don't care at all what happens to commuters. I'm also not jaded enough to think trudeau will even look at it. I am extremely well versed in trucks and mayhem, living in the busiest cross border town in North America. I simply post the info I see on their website. Have all the opinions you want, but I really have no dog in this fight, other than wishing them well for exercising their rights. Whether you believe what I post or not, is immaterial to me. You don't want to spend time and research it before giving your opinion? Go for it. All I am doing is posting what they are doing, from their website.. Not arguing about it.
I have two dogs 🐕🐕
And 500k participants…

The convoy is expected in Arnprior on Friday. They expect three to four hundred trucks. While certainly not an insignificant number by any means I’m not sure how they are able to fit that many people in them.