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Dutch PM Apologizes To Srebrenica Vets

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PM apologizes for treatment during and after the mission - good to see (but not until after the courts said NLD was partly on the hook and a study telling the NLD govt they could have done a lot better on the file) -- from the NLD PM's speech (archived link)....
... Even 27 years later, some words have yet to be uttered. It is an oft-noted fact that the Srebrenica mission took place under a UN mandate. But that does not alter the Dutch state’s special responsibility for the circumstances in which you were deployed, the way you were treated upon your return and the lack of support given to Dutchbat III when it was wrongly subjected to so much public criticism. Today I apologise on behalf of the Dutch government to all the women and men of Dutchbat III. To all of you here and to those who are not with us today. With the greatest possible appreciation and respect for the way in which Dutchbat III kept on trying to do the right thing, under very difficult circumstances, even when that was really no longer possible ...
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