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Cleaning out the old VHS lockers; who to consult on distribution?


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So I have had an interest in converting VHS to digital formats for quite some time. Way back when some of my favourite movies were only to be found on old VHS tapes; it seemed like the only way to save them.

Recently; I was handed a box of old VHS tapes from the back of the cage and told I could have them if I wanted; otherwise they would be destroyed.

Now these have been stored well and watched little; making them good potential candidates for good footage. Everything I have found is Unclassified. So far, everyone I have talked to doesn't see an issue with it. But is there an authority I could consult; an official one, before I turn my little hobby to something that might really have some value?

My thoughts are that I can run these through the system and if they produce good video; post them online for their historical value.

However, before I do any of that, I need to be certain that what I have is something that a) no one official cares about anymore and b) despite being UnClass is something there are no other issues with disseminating.

I guess the real "Authority" if one exists would be the CF department in charge of video materials, if such exists.

Thanks for your time.


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Shrek1985 said:
I guess the real "Authority" if one exists would be the CF department in charge of video materials, if such exists.

There never really was a single office. There's a general principle that the originating agency controls the information. If something was produced for Public Affairs reasons, it was controlled by ADM(PA) and it's precursor agencies, if it was intended for internal army, navy or air force training purposes, it would be controlled by the Army, Navy, or Air Force (in the age of VHS then known as Mobile Command, Maritime Command, Air Command). Generally there should be some sort of indicator on the footage or credits as to which unit produced it -- that's the first place to check to see if there is anything sensitive on the tape.


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Shrek, send me a PM. I think I have someone who can answer this