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Cancelling a Component Transfer?


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Hi im currently a Pte. in the PRes. I have a Component Transfer to the reg forces for ROTP but i have realized that is not the route i wish to take in the military.
I have since realized I want to become a Weapons Engineering Technician.
My application for ROTP has went vertually no where (ive had one response in a month and a half) and I am considering canceling it. (my marks aren't good enough anyways).
My question is do i cancel it or do i ask them to change the trade to Weapons Engineering Technician? Also can you even cancel a CT and how would you do it?
I assume you would use the email you were provided and then just tell them you are no longer interested.
I am doing my BMQ this January and would like to if possible be employed by the beginning or end of the summer (but with component transfers i know that is often wishful thinking)
i was just wondering what people think i should do because this is the trade i want to get into and i also understand the trade is a bit short staffed (i heard yellow listed)
Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appricated.

Fishbone Jones

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A course in basic writing skills probably wouldn't hurt. Especially if you're going to be any kind of technician.

Grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization and composition all count.

As far as your CT, engage your CoC and OR and let them know that you no longer wish to follow that course of action.


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If you already submitted the CT email to Ottawa, then yes you have to contact your point of contact there and let them know you changed your mind.