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Back Dated IRB adjustment from 2021


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I'm writing to see if anyone else was in a similar situation and its been resolved.

June 2021 VAC reached out to me saying there was a pay adjustment going back to when I medical released that affected my monthly IRB. (AFAIK)

They requested for me to give a release of information between them and Manulife. I submitted the release the same day online.

Since then I haven't had any real updates on what is going on, other than 'its with our financial unit'.

I inquired after about 5 months through their self service and again 3 months after that with a phone call. Basically the same story that it's sitting with the unit and there is no other info.

Has anyone who is on IRB had this adjustment done?
Yes, I had this happen filled out forms same day as you did. I have received the back pay in January of this year.