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Animal help while in BMQ

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Hoping that someone is able to help me with this one.

Finally I have been given a date for BMQ. Looking forward to serving my country. Now that is out of the way I have 2 huskies and one cat that I need to find boarding for while at BMQ and occupational training (that will be in Kingston). I do not have family nor friends that can help during this time (I have been active in social media trying to find anyone). I do not want to surrender them (and shelters are not taking animals at this time) but the $30,000 dollar quotes for 212 days are insanity.

Does anyone have any ideas in where to find assistance? (Yes I have reached out to rescue groups)
I did reach out to MFRC and have been advised to check Facebook groups. I just applied to join a group for spouse's hoping that someone might be able to help. I will check with legion's hopefully that will pay off.

On a side note if I win the lottery I'm starting a pet service charity for caf members.