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  1. S

    ROTP: Pilot chances for an 18-year-old making it, and BMOQ tips/expectations

    Hello, hope everyone is doing well! I applied to be a Pilot, Air Combat Systems Officer (ACSO), and Aerospace Engineering Officer (AERE) this previous fall for the ROTP program at RMC. As of now, I have just completed my CFAST (Aircrew Selections Test) going for my aircrew medical later this...
  2. Walker_

    Sewing kits, and related kit.

    Hello, First of all thanks for checking out my post! I'll keep it short and sweet. In regards to a, "Sewing Kit", I'd like to ask if anyone has any recommendations. Such as Amazon listings, or simply recommended types of thread, needles, etc, that I might find at a local store. I'm not adept...
  3. burdseyeflu

    36y/o m nurse offered Log - advice?

    Ahoy everyone! Been mulling around in my mind of joining up for years, finally I pulled the trigger and wrote the CFAT in early November'23. Nursing in the civilian world is...not as what I was promised in 2011, and so I'm looking for a serious career path that holds the values it claims. I've...
  4. N

    Re-applying to the CAF

    Hi everyone, so my story goes like this, I applied for Reserve Force back in 2020. I went through aptitude testing, did the force eval, and did the medical, only to be deemed unfit because I disclosed I suffered from depression 5 years ago. I have since gone to counseling. My question is, should...
  5. B

    Applying as a PR

    Hello! I am a Burmese lad who's turning 19 the next month. I came to Canada a few years back (2018). Now living as a PR. While the recruiter I spoke to said I can apply with my current status. I am still not sure if I should apply now or should I wait for my citizenship and IF I do not get...
  6. O

    BMQ Location 2023

    I have started my application to join the CF. I am interested in knowing where reg. BMQ takes place. I know of potential candidates for locations however, I would like to know if what trade you are after, matters when it comes to BMQ? Or if it is all done at St. Jean? (Aside from the Navy...
  7. P

    FORCE test and interview

    Hello i am applying as an infantry soldier and i wanted to know when i should expect an offer if my interview and FORCE test is in 2 weeks? Also if i was sent an invitation for the interview and force test , does that mean i passed the foreign implication ? Thank you for helping me
  8. P

    Hernia medical exam

    Hello , does a previous hernia surgery that was done many years ago disqualify my from joining the army as an infantryman?
  9. R

    17-year old Pre-BMOQ: How can I get ready for the CAF appearance standards???

    Hope everyone's doing well! I understand that the CAF has relaxed its dress code. As a 17 year old what appearance/lifestyle rules can I follow to be better prepared for BMOQ and life in the CAF as an officer. For example; short hair, make bed in a specific way, clean up every inch of my room...
  10. R

    What can I do to be good enough for RMC?

    To give background information, I am a grade 12 student who is 17 years old my goal is to get into RMC. I failed my CFAT, I had to redo it; my interview was before my medical but all the jobs I choose required very good vision so I had to switch trade choices and redo the interview (as you can...
  11. A

    Average age of CSOR/JTF2 new joiners?

    I'm turning 25 this year and want to join from the reserves. I know theres a long road ahead regardless of age, these include but not limited to: 6 month application process (I have my medical, physical, and interview all scheduled for this month having already done CFAT) 6 month BMQ + DP1 And...
  12. ThisIsMajorTom

    CFAT result

    Hello, I recently passed my CFAT, in which I honestly didn't expect to achieve. I found the CFAT to be actually really difficult, just the limited time alone, that is why you really should at least if not study but practice for it. To make things short they said I met the cut-off score for...
  13. N

    Packing for BMQ questions

    Hello all, Just going over everything I need to bring to BMQ (August 20th), As far as baggage is concerned I have a backpack and a hard shell suitcase, (Black, Air Canada, Plain in appearance) I'm concerned my current backpack isn't plain enough as specified by the Kit list, This is what it...
  14. questions1234

    Is Reserve Military Police Officer (montreal area) worth it/what's job like?

    Hello, I have a psych degree, a police foundations degree and few other assorted certifications. I am looking to join military reserves in montreal area and am wondering what trade would be best, i have a friend who is in reserves and told me recruiters lie and to post here for additional...