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    Marine Technician ( MARTECH )

    I have heard rumours that MarTech won't be a trade that ex service members will be able to challenge a red seal after their service. Can anyone confirm this?
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    Sleep Issues on course [MERGED]

    You won't be able to stay awake the whole time either. You are going to go in and out of conciousness with micro sleep. The thing about sleep dep is that it actually makes you care less. When I was sleep dep'd I was a lot less stressed out and the course went by quicker.
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    Waiting Game

    If your experiencing physical issues, definitely wait until you heal up. Don't give up your body for your job.
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    Canadian Forces' senior brass have been growing at a much faster rate...

    The statements in that article are just a gross defence of poor resource management.
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    General Navy life

    How much time away have techs been spending away annually? I have heard because of reduced strength there is almost no time at home. Is that true?
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    Roll Out of New VAC Programs

    Does anyone think this program may be clawed back? It looks similar to training an officer in ROTP, but cheaper. But I can't help but get the feeling that it is perhaps too good to be true for the long term. Any thoughts?
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    Selection Dates 2013-2018

    Any information on recent or tentative MarTech or W Eng Tech selections this month?
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    General Navy life

    How do the fitness enthusiasts find training on ship? Of course it isn't ideal, but is it reasonable to suggest that athletic people can find adequate time to staying fit at sea? Also, say one is taking online university classes, I know Halifax class ships have Wi-Fi on board now, would it be...
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    Roll Out of New VAC Programs

    Has anyone heard about a member who releases and then re enrolls to gain the required 6 years? Would previous service roll of? Say the individual had 3 years previously and then chooses to re enlist another 3.
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    Changing contact information

    Wait until you get posted to your unit after QL3 to change your number.
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    NCM Subsidized Education Plan (NCM SEP)

    Very helpful. Thank you. I had made the mistake of assuming that those who told me that information had discussed funding limits with a BPSO.
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    Waiting Game

    I think recruiters gain to their life force from our anxiety.
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    NCM Subsidized Education Plan (NCM SEP)

    https://www.canada.ca/en/department-national-defence/services/guide/programs-canadian-forces/er.html Note 1: Defence Administrative Orders and Directives (DAOD) 5031-5, 5031-6, Compensation and Benefit Instructions (CBI) 210.80, 210.801, 210.802, Canadian Forces (CF) Military Personnel...
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    NCM Subsidized Education Plan (NCM SEP)

    I have heard varied anecdotes on people's experience entering the regular force through the reserves. I am unfamiliar with the process and any one persons experience may not reflect yours.
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    NCM Subsidized Education Plan (NCM SEP)

    That certainly is a good method. But with ILP's he has access to 40,000 dollars. He just has to work harder. Reserves is definitely not a bad option though. He won't face the monotony and burnout.
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    NCM Subsidized Education Plan (NCM SEP)

    The only way to do that as an NCM without an education program is to enroll in the trade, make it to the unit and put in a memo for ILPs (individual learning plan). I recommend Athabasca University, they have a really good online curriculum and will work with you in terms of catering to...
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    NCM Subsidized Education Plan (NCM SEP)

    No, it is only available to specified trades. The recruiting website should list whether a trade is available for the entry-plan.
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    Thanks for the Help

    All the CFAT is, is a IQ test (of sorts). IQ tests do not indicate overarching level of intelligence (especially because you have to study in breadth. Realistically it is a knowledge test). The same goes for the CFAT, access material that is available online for greater prep. I have served in...
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    Declining an offer (merged)

    You're rather unhelpful, and your lack of experience on the subject of the military as a whole is a nuisance when you attempt to prescribe your opinion of it to others. Until you get in and are no longer a new guy, your opinions should probably be kept to yourself. As of now, you know nothing on...