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  1. medic65726

    Ottawa to pay nearly $1B to settle sexual misconduct lawsuits against CAF

  2. medic65726

    Maj (Retd) Duncan Lyon, padre

    Maj Lyon was a great man. Was there to help when my friend went through some very rough times. Here he is in 1994 as one of the Padres for the Blackdown Cadet Camp. https://www.armycadethistory.com/Blackdown%20platoon%20photos/blackdown_1994_the_padres.htm Rest easy Sir.
  3. medic65726

    1974 Valcartier Grenade Deaths (gov't action, memorial, etc.)

  4. medic65726

    1974 Valcartier Grenade Deaths (gov't action, memorial, etc.)

    More media coverage, maybe leading up to the memorial/reunion. http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2014/05/17/cadets_wait_for_apology_compensation_40_years_after_deadly_blast_at_quebec_military_base.html
  5. medic65726

    Seeking "Combat Field Message Pad Cover" '99

    I too have an OD one that I won't let go of. But last year at the Borden Canex there were similar FMP covers for sale, in black as well. Not sure who the manufacturer is, MilSpex maybe.
  6. medic65726

    Stethoscopes - Suggestions and opinions please.

    My first stethoscope was a Littman Classic II which I used as a PCP and into the ACP program. Then I upgraded to the Cardiology III which I used for 11 years until it recently grew legs. I keep tight control of my kit so am rather bothered that it went missing. (Oh and shortly after I got the...
  7. medic65726

    I'm going to be 17 and a red star, is there a chance of me ever going to camp?

    There is also the possibility of non-teaching staff positions at camp. I got my first paid photography work that way.
  8. medic65726

    Website for flightsuit patches?

    There are lots here: http://www.dbembroidery.com
  9. medic65726

    CAF Domestic Disaster Relief Ops 2008 - 2017 [Merged]

    I was in Cat Lake that day, on a MEDEVAC aircraft, getting out some of the elders with complex health issues (none of which were helped by he smoke they were inhaling). Two hercs were flying back and forth to Greenstone (Geraldton) with loads of evacuees. Incredible well organized, they were...
  10. medic65726

    Cadets and the C7, and other rifles. Let me end the discussion once and for all

    In my first years in Army Cadets, we used to have a couple of Range EX a year firing the FNC1. Even carried the FN around in the bush on FTX. Looks like those days are long gone.
  11. medic65726

    Level II security clearance (secret level)

    10 years ago, to work at an airport, I had to apply for my first security and was fingerprinted. They also wanted employment (or school) history and every address I'd lived at in the same time period. Since then i've kept a document on my computer with an up to date list of all that information...
  12. medic65726

    New Flight Uniforms

    Tuck the t-shirt into the gitch. Problem solved. Although for proper flame retardant protection, should be wearing Nomex or natural fibre (cotton, wool or silk) long underwear (Not that I do during the summer, it is just too hot). Been wearing Civvie 1-piece Nomex flightsuits of similar cut to...
  13. medic65726

    Do Canadian nursing officers carry guns like infantry soldiers?

    Attached photo of CF Nursing Officer in the Critial Care Ward of the old KAF Hospital, 2006. Note holster on thigh.
  14. medic65726

    A&W Papa Burgers: The choice of Griffon pilots everywhere

    About 6 years ago we were on our way back to Thunder Bay from a cancelled medevac north of Kenora I believe. While our pilots went for fuel in Dryden, they dropped us (the 2 medics) in the vacant lot next to the Dryden Tim Hortons to pick up coffee and donuts for the ride home. I guess it was...
  15. medic65726

    Ex-soldier jailed for sex attack

    As the report says he had been living in Ontario (where is family is I believe), and I don't know how recently, but it was here that he worked as a Paramedic. I worked with him for a bit about 7-8 years ago and he had major issues, even back then. He worked both land and air ambulance as a...
  16. medic65726

    Inquiry - CF gear - circa early 1990's UNPROFOR

    There are a number of pictures here- http://www.espritdecorps.ca/Bosnia%20photos.htm
  17. medic65726

    Trying to find title of 1995 peacekeeping book.

    "Shadows of War, Faces of Peace" with Photos by Boris Spremo. http://douglavender.com/writing/shadows-of-war.html http://www.chapters.indigo.ca/used-books/Shadows-War-Faces-Peace-Canadas-J-L-Granatstein/grp155013436X-1550134361-rare.html I have a copy. Great photos.
  18. medic65726

    Military Discounts List

    Apparently most "East Side Mario's" will give 15% off for Military and Emergency Services. Need not be in Uniform, just show them ID. Not sure if it is a corporate policy or just store by store, but for sure the one in Thunder Bay does as well as the one in Scarborough. Manager told me it is not...
  19. medic65726

    Was Canadian Army unit at Bergen-Belsen?

    Latest reply from my Grandfather. Answers things from his perspective. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The road north to and through Bergen-Belsen was the axis of advance of 29 Armoured...
  20. medic65726

    Was Canadian Army unit at Bergen-Belsen?

    He retired in 1953 as a Major, but IIRC he would have been an Lt. at the time (he referred to himself at the time as a 23 year old subaltern. My Grand-father is Maj.T.D.J.Finnie RA (Retd.) but not sure of the dates he would have been there. I'll let you know what he says. He also wrote an...