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  1. Pikache

    Unrest in Kazakhstan

    https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-59880166 RUS lead CSTO peacekeeping force to deploy to Kazakhstan to help with the riots going on there. Dunno how big is this peacekeeping force.
  2. Pikache

    What would happened if?

    One of these days, I'll get around to playing this. But.... Kane lives!
  3. Pikache

    What would happened if?

    did nobody play Command and Conquer Red Alert? ;)
  4. Pikache

    USAF Buying the F15EX

    And Saudis already operate F15s. Qatar is also buying some. The Israelis might buy a few more too
  5. Pikache

    CAN Enhanced (Permanent?) Fwd Presence in Latvia

    Russia already has a military presence in Georgia, but specifically told Georgia that they will not intervene in Nagorno-Karabakh for two reasons IMO. 1. Punish the Georgian PM for trying to get away from Russian sphere of influence politically, 2. ensure Georgia stays firmly in Russian sphere...
  6. Pikache

    CAN Enhanced (Permanent?) Fwd Presence in Latvia

    It's a bit of different story to compare Russian demographics of Crimea/Donbas vs Latvia. Crimea and Donbas had majority ethnic Russians while in Latvia, very few, and only adding to small total area of Latvia is ethnic Russian majority. (Of coincidentally, Riga has the most significant...
  7. Pikache

    CAN Enhanced (Permanent?) Fwd Presence in Latvia

    NATO Defence College paper on eFP experience (not just Canadian)
  8. Pikache

    Intelligence Officer / Operator

    It will depend on which BTL you get assigned to, and whether there is an int unit or organization willing to take you on for OJT. What you do for OJT will depend on a lot of things. How busy that unit is, whether they have pers available to mentor you, etc. Some int units will train you to...
  9. Pikache

    Jeans & mass punishment? #2

    I suppose charging the lot who failed to obey orders would be more hilarious. Summary trials for like forever. This no jeans regulations are dumb. But then again, these are suppose to be leaders who may have to give lawful order that may send men and women under their command to their deaths.
  10. Pikache

    CAN Enhanced (Permanent?) Fwd Presence in Latvia

    All, Just a reminder about OPSEC. Some posts are straying close. -Army.ca Staff
  11. Pikache

    Observations about Admins

    Thanks for your posts. They identify some of the key issues that this forum and DS try to find the right solutions to pretty much everyday. I don't have my DS hat on right now, but I will use some of my experience as an user and DS of this forum. Nor do I speak for Mike Bobbitt or fellow DS...
  12. Pikache

    Recruits of the last half decade: Fatter, dumber and less motivated than before.

    I'm in general agreement with this post. Having taught a lot of BMQs, I find that an avg recruit is smart, but has short attention span, generally needs more PT and has a bit of self entitlement attitude (even some of the best ones). Once they learn that army is for real, and that they can't...
  13. Pikache

    Canada World Cup 2014 Brazil Qualifiers

    the point of this is to support Canada. heck, I'd support Canada in world cup of basket weaving if it comes down to that i'm sure you're cool with people supporting Canada, right?
  14. Pikache

    Canada World Cup 2014 Brazil Qualifiers

    Love soccer? Live in Toronto area? Support Canada's men's national team as they continue their quest to qualify for World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Next game is at BMO Field in Toronto, 8pm. http://youtu.be/enMHFJ5lWOw http://youtu.be/axiqWVJZXa4 Watch these videos to get pumped up!
  15. Pikache

    09/10 Budget Impact on PRes - Unit stand-downs, Class B Freeze, and so on!

    sorry if it seemed like I was singling you out. it was more of a general precautionary thing
  16. Pikache

    Just finished reserve infantry DP1, now what?-survival guide

    great post. i'm going to add a few of my own thoughts with what seems like numbers are going to be trimmed again for Reserves, you are using up a spot that your unit can use for a soldier who has a bit of sense of loyalty to the unit and not solely using army for own benefit. with kit...
  17. Pikache

    09/10 Budget Impact on PRes - Unit stand-downs, Class B Freeze, and so on!

    same with my unit. i find it quite unbelievable that couple million bucks can't be found to at least pay for one half day training night per week, out of a multi billion dollar budget
  18. Pikache

    09/10 Budget Impact on PRes - Unit stand-downs, Class B Freeze, and so on!

    and it's funny because only 2 years ago, there was this mass push to produce MCpls