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    Britain's Conservatives planning to bring back compulsary national service.

    We could use them as ceremonial troops, but you’d probably have to issue deactivated drill purpose rifles, to get around the firearms bans in their probation orders. Are bayonets and swords controlled ITAR items?
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    Sexual Assault & Sexual Misconduct in the CF

    I had a slightly elevated situation when I was on RSS. Soldier court-martailled, which resulted in multiple Class A days not just for the accused but also for other members of the unit who were required to be tasked to support the proceedings. In the end, the member in question was not guilty...
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    Current Dress Regs

    There is what is proported to be a draft version of the proposal floating around. Biggest changes I could see were a ban on hair in unnatural colours and that beard callipers are back, with a maximum bulk of facial hair of 2.5cm, slightly longer than the old 2018 BEARDFORGEN limit of 2cm. No...
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    Transition to Municipal Police Force

    The province holds all the cards. Municipalities don’t have any status under the constitution — except for what’s delegated to them by the province — so as long as municipalities do what they are supposed to do, like plow the streets, collect the garbage, and do the work that the provinces can’t...
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    Current Dress Regs

    Face piercings are specifically banned by regulation. (See 8.c. at link) https://www.canada.ca/en/services/defence/caf/military-identity-system/dress-manual/chapter-2/section-2.html If that rather low but clear standard isn’t being enforced, then we do indeed have a problem.
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    CDS General Eyre announces retirement

    So the actual real measurable value of a provincial civil servant is the coffees and lunches they purchase? Interesting. Maybe accurate, but interesting. Recent studies in The Economist mirror the results of the Stanford study — 10% to 20% loss in productivity from WFH. Given the cost of...
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    Our North - SSE Policy Update Megathread

    I saw some surprises in the document — the return of long range missiles to the army was one. I remember the Long Range Precision Rocket System project (also known as CANSCUD) which seemed well and truly dead, but it’s made a comeback. Airborne Early Warning was another surprise. The cost...
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    CAN Secur/Int Committee: Time to Fix RCMP Federal Policing pgm

    In some cases the trend was actually in the other direction. Several provinces had their own police forces but adopted the RCMP as a cost savings measure, as contract policing was subsidized by the federal government. BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan followed this model. Newfoundland went halfway...
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    King Charles III

    Oddly enough, even though the French Revolution and the reign of terror are iconic and well-remembered, it wasn’t actually the end of monarchy in France. Aside from the well-publicized Emperor Napoleon and his somewhat less well-known nephew Napoleon III, even the Bourbons managed a bit of a...
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    South Alberta Light Horse Regiment to amalgamate with larger reserve force

    I served with some veterans of those pre-1970 battalions. According to them, they weren’t very cohesive between Regular and Reserve — the regular Black Watch thought of itself as the regular regiment of the Maritimes, the militia Black Watch was strongly Anglophone Montreal. In some ways, the...
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    Will 2021 see a new pistol buy?

    I’m fine with that, adopt the C8 as the PDW for those who need something smaller than a rifle (or whatever replaces the C8, is SARP II still an ongoing project?) What I’m not fine with is delivering no real pistol training, but giving pistols to people when they arrive in theatre — that’s the...
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    Base closures?

    Oddly enough, the trend is for units to own infrastructure and share equipment — while it probably should be the other way around. It makes sense for units to focus their maintenance money and time on the stewardship of the gear they will take overseas — sharing tents, vehicles, radios and...
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    Base closures?

    It’s not really the brigade that’s the problem (although in my opinion Petawawa’s infrastructure was never really upgraded enough when 1RCR moved from London). The bigger issue is that Special Operations units train a lot. Petawawa might not currently have enough manoeuvre and range space to...
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    Base closures?

    Not nuclear, the Meaford proposal is pumped-storage hydroelectric. https://sustainablebiz.ca/meaford-pumped-hydro-project-key-to-tc-energys-transition
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    Base closures?

    That really depends on the base. Some bases are regarded by the local powers that be to be more valuable used for other things, or are even considered a nuisance. The closure of St Hubert was robustly supported by local Montreal-area politicians, as it was felt that the redevelopment would be of...
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    South Alberta Light Horse Regiment to amalgamate with larger reserve force

    From a philosophy of ‘the army cares about what it inspects’ — the Canadian Army doesn’t really care that much about the physical fitness of their reservists — what they really care about is their dental fitness, because troops DAG red on their fangs faster than you can say saltwater taffy. So...
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    Medical release vs retention?

    The primary argument for retention of the wounded in non-deployable positions kind of falls apart when the Canadian public service still knows how to hire while the CAF has, as an institution, forgotten how to recruit. And one of the historically healthiest MOSIDs in the CAF (Infantry Soldier)...
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    MPs call for Ottawa to cancel military rent hike

    Also anecdotal — I heard the urban legend of a Regular Force Captain posted to the GTA on RSS who openly lived in his office in the armoury for the duration of the posting. That’s certainly a creative way to beat the cost of living crisis.
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    British Military Current Events

    Yeah, but the Indian Navy have retired their Sea Harriers and now operate Mig-29 in the Russian/Chinese style STOBAR configuration. They no longer have a need for a jump jet carrier. If they do decide to base the successor to the Vikrant-Class carriers on the QE-Class, they’ll want to build it...
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    British Military Current Events

    On the subject of HMS Prince of Wales being potentially up for sale, not to disparage the always reliable folks at the Daily Mail, but who the hell would want to buy it? There isn’t much overlap between countries that are interested in jump jets, don’t already build their own carriers, and have...