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  1. primer

    Armoured crewsuits

    JPL MWO Lapointe LOL I remember asking him why he had it on a few time's (BCTC 80's) when i was a Cadet Sgt with 2408 Base Borden Army Cadets,He said he was an MWO and would wear what he wanted.
  2. primer

    Awesome Donation

    Very nice  :salute:
  3. primer

    CL Marksman Cut in half?

    It use to be that way back in the 80's CSTS CFB BORDEN
  4. primer

    I have a question.

    If you cant talk to your UHRA. Call the KidsHelpPhone 1-800-668-6868 They can help you Cheers
  5. primer

    CL Marksman Cut in half?

    Starting next year all Cadet Leader courses will be 3 week courses
  6. primer

    28 Svc or Ottawa Svc members 1970-78

    One of my good friends was with that unit Cpl John Prusakawski. John pass on a few years ago. RIP John  :salute:
  7. primer

    In Taliban crosshairs

    Its a great book I could not put it down read it in a day or so  :cdn:
  8. primer

    "Contact Charlie" by Chris Wattie

    I read the book 2 weeks ago. It was a great book i just could not put it down  :cdn:
  9. primer

    In Taliban crosshairs

  10. primer

    In Taliban crosshairs

    Its from the book Contact Charlie Just read it http://www.keyporter.com/BookDetail.aspx?ISBN=1554700841
  11. primer

    CIC BOQ Course

    One thing you might want to think about. Make sure u have enough rest at night not going out and have a few. Working your job then driving to the course getting to bed at 2300 up at 0500 back to bed at 2300 back ups at 0500 train all day then drive home will take its toll. Just some safety info...
  12. primer

    Summer Camp Weekends

    Question # 1 Most of the Cadets at Blackdown will go on Batt Parade. a little more than half will go on leave.the rest of the cadets will just hang out in there Bubble,go to the cadet canteen or get themself's in trouble with nothing to do . Blackdown has Trg Sup that will issues all the...
  13. primer

    CIC Recruiting

    WOw I thought it waited a longtime as in 4 months back in 94 Welcome to the CIC  :salute: Cheers
  14. primer

    Lee Enfield Mark 1 No. 4

    That's all it was. NO MONEY for Ammo. Hence we lost the weapon. Our lost CDN Rangers gain at least they will use the rifle not like that cadet system sitting in a vault most of the time  :cdn:
  15. primer

    2 new Army Cadet Exchanges (ACE) 2007

    Tell me what you think Australia and the Cayman Islands  :salute:
  16. primer

    CIC (Air) Scarlet Beret on Logistik

    I do believe Red Beret are for Army MP's only. There are Army Cadets that wear them too Cheers:
  17. primer

    Cdn Cadet OD Slip-on Art work.

    Back to Slip ons CIC Army wear "CIC" I have seen Air and Navy CIC Officers wear "CANADA" is that Illegal too  :blotto:
  18. primer

    How to deal

    You must have learned all this form your Tour in Blackdown  with the God Squad  :salute: still helping them I see, give them a frezzie
  19. primer

    Unauthorized Uniform parts Picture hunt. "For fun and giggles"

    Once the DCdts saw this on parade (his son was a WO during this parade), the dress regs were ammended. longtime Mr. Gill  :salute: His son was also the first Staff Cadet On PARA too I believe.  ::)