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  1. da1root

    Unsure how to move forward.

    I will state look at your wording and then compare it to mine ;-) "have done 3 years" ... when you're in your 3rd year you're not done your 3rd year. So if you're in year 3 of a 4 year program you're still eligible; however once you're done the 3rd year (i.e. only 1 year left) you can't do...
  2. da1root

    So I really cant do anything if I need an Epipen?

    Although we technically sign away our right to safety because of the whole going into combat zones part of our career; but signing away your right to life because of a medical condition isn't a thing. Honestly the fact that you need an epipen, and not sure what the allergy is... but what were...
  3. da1root

    Opportunities for optometrists

    Not that I'm interested; however in my position on this site and my position in the CAF I give the information that we do not have uniformed Optometrists in the CAF... Hope you find someone :-)
  4. da1root

    Personal reference?

    Last I recall there's a "contact us" link within the portal - your best bet is to reach out that way.
  5. da1root

    Older man recruit

    1) Every occupation has an initial Term of Service (TOS), it ranges from 3 years to 13 years depending on the occupation and enrolment plan. You must be able to complete this initials TOS prior to reaching the Compulsory Retirement Age of 60. So those aged 56 to 46 can join depending on the...
  6. da1root

    Unsure how to move forward.

    Unless policy as changed, and I'd be shocked if it has, as long as you have more than 1 year left of civie school (i.e. You're in year 2 of a 3 year program, or year 3 of a 4 year program) that you're still eligible for ROTP. You are definitely stuck between a rock and a hard place... Honestly...
  7. da1root

    Enrollment Letter vs After BMQ

    If there's a PI adjustment after BMQ it should be in your letter of offer (I know I made this observation when I worked at CFRG, don't know if it was fixed) & should be on the initial ETP message. If you're getting an advance PI upon completion of BMQ then it was likely granted on a PLAR and...
  8. da1root

    DEO Recruitment - Engineering Officer

    Sorry been busy as of late and haven't been able to jump on here. The only officer occupations that join at a rank higher than 2Lt/Lt are Specialty Occupations such as Padre, Legal Officer, Dental Officer, Social Work Officer, Medical Officer... there may be others but those are the ones at the...
  9. da1root

    Questions About Commissioning from the ranks

    Part of why it took me so long to finally accept the CoCs continued attempts to get me to do SCP, lol :-) Life sure is different as an Officer, sometimes I miss being an NCM...
  10. da1root

    Deo competition list

    Recruiting FAQs See Question #2 on the FAQ of "when are selections done?" While I'm not allowed to post the positions available anymore; with it being the beginning of the FY, there are plenty of seats open - especially for LogO.
  11. da1root

    Questions About Commissioning from the ranks

    A few administrative points on this thread: 1) ROTP is a Regular Force only entry option. It stands for Regular Officer Training Plan, you goto university (a high number is through RMC); at the end you are in the Regular Force and "owe" time back to the CAF for them putting you through school...
  12. da1root

    FSA in Air Force Reserves

    As much as your wife did both courses from May to Nov, when did she start her application? I'm going to say probably before April of the year that she did it. Reality is that being OFP by this fall is likely not going to happen for this person.
  13. da1root

    what are the career paths as a logistics officer?

    Not sure if there are any LogO's on here, if not you may want to swing by a CFRC and ask to speak with a LogO. Not sure if it's still active, but there used to be a listing in a internal site called "recruiter for a day" of individuals in each occupation that would be willing to speak with...
  14. da1root

    FSA in Air Force Reserves

    Not likely. You need to be enrolled before you can be loaded on a BMQ; you need to be done BMQ before you can be loaded on FSA trianing. As you're starting the process (and by rights you haven't started the process as you're still looking for a unit) you nts won't do BMQ and FSA training from...
  15. da1root

    Application process

    You may want to pay attention to the dates on the posts. You've replied to a post that is over 8 years old asking someone how they studied. Likely you're not getting a reply as "JP15" is marked as inactive and was last seen 15 December 2015
  16. da1root

    Starting as NCM to Officer

    I last wrote the CFAT in 1999; so my memory of what is on it is fuzzy at best... but as jaxhades stated: Couldn't have said it better :-) However I'm sure if you utilize google search there is ample material out there to help you prep.... :-)
  17. da1root

    Starting as NCM to Officer

    As Reserves are in charge of their own recruiting you'd have to ask your unit / Brigade Recruiter as they're the ones that would be able to best answer this query. There are two production plans for NCM's to become Officers (PRes, there are more on the RegF side, but below is for PRes only)...
  18. da1root

    tank commander

    Welcome to the forum! Any insights you have on the occupation when queries come up would be greatly welcomed!
  19. da1root

    What are the differences between the Reliability Check and Pre-Security Assessment?

    Everyone in the CAF requires a reliability check (and eventually a security clearance). However not everyone requires a pre-security assessment - the questionnaire that you filled out will determine if a pre-security assessment needs to done. This is for individuals who may have things in their...
  20. da1root

    “Selected” on CAF portal

    That is true for all selections other than ROTP. For ROTP it just means that they've been moved forward for possible selection from RMC. There is another selection that happens (or at least used to happen) directly at RMC and this selection process can take longer as sometimes it's based on...