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  1. onecat

    Battlestar Galactica (Beware....Possible SPOILERS! read at your own risk)

    You really liked that ending?  Finding a new home and in return they go back to nature, giving up everything, writing, medical care, metal work, construction, math, schools, equal rights, and all there culture and history.  I think was poorly done and poorly thought out, and was very...
  2. onecat

    The CF After Afghanistan - Missions, Roles & Capabilities

    I was just watching the discovery channel special on combat school and the Canadian forces in Afghanistan. Which has been good so far, but it me thinking what is going to happen to the Forces after 2011 and their a Liberal government in power?  The Liberals have a very poor record when it comes...
  3. onecat

    Tory minority in jeopardy as opposition talks coalition. Will there be another election?

    Listen to the tape... NDP planned this way before last thursday and we just waiting to something to push the Liberals over the edge.  And Harper did that on Thursday. 
  4. onecat

    POLL: Will You Vote for the Liberals.................

    Its not really a challenge, no matter who vote for, your MP or MMP will vote the party line if they want to stay in that party.  Your Liberal member might be a nice guy and work for your neighours, but in the end he or she is going to vote Liberal.  Their going to vote for the green shift...
  5. onecat

    POLL: Will You Vote for the Liberals.................

    just for the record are you forgetting all the time Dion was going to call election over this issue or that issue that... only deciding when the polls didn't show he would win, Dion back down.  If its all about confidence why are you trusting the Liberals. 
  6. onecat

    POLL: Will You Vote for the Liberals.................

    You want someone with a family background, someone who's dad was PM, what about Ben Mulroney.  It actually talks artists everyday in his line of work.  Do think he would be good a PM?  Or is it you just just think Justin genes are better?  Both families are hung up on the charter and come from...
  7. onecat

    POLL: Will You Vote for the Liberals.................

    I could never understand why someone would vote that way.  The candidates might be local, but once they get to Ottawa they vote along party lines.  I can't remember a MP who picked riding over party.  Oh wait I do know of one, Jean Chrétien.  But I think most people viewed riding support as pork...
  8. onecat

    POLL: Will You Vote for the Liberals.................

    I respect Canada, and could never vote foe vote the Liberals their the worst party anyone could vote for.  And now under Dion their even worst.  The Green shift is nothing more than a new way to tax more things... and the Liberals love to tax. 
  9. onecat

    Battlestar Galactica (Beware....Possible SPOILERS! read at your own risk)

    and who's would it be then?  The only one who's been with the 6 is Tigh, and one of the 5 who are different and are able to reproduce.  Baltar has not been with the 6 and this is a recent development, which rules out Baltar even more.
  10. onecat

    Lee Enfeild No. 4 Mk I

    Can't believe anyone would do that to a good old No 4. :crybaby:
  11. onecat

    Officer vs. NCM

    "Overall, are officers less, equal or more capable in weapons skills, training etc than NCM's?" Well from what I've seen, officers suck at drill.  ;D
  12. onecat

    Is bmq now 14 weeks?

    Question, I did my basic in 2004, and what do they do fill the extra weeks with now.  More field ex's or more weapons training?  Hopefully more PT.
  13. onecat

    British Army size increase?

    Canada gave it's armed forces the chop a lot sooner than most other NATO countries but, the US, Britain, Holland, Germany, France, etc, etc, etc have all cashed in their Warsaw pact peace dividend.  We are all sucking wind big time and, it ain't over yet.... Your rigt Geo, but think your...
  14. onecat

    British camo 4 sale

    What size is large?  I mean large can be manydifferent sizes. would cover 44-46?
  15. onecat

    Australia turns down surplus Dutch PzH2000 howitzers (from Janes Defence Weekly)

    Actually that has been the canadian pacitice as well the Liberals. And apart from the Leo's I haven't seen canada buy more anything recently although I could be wrong as this gov't seems to have more resecpt for the Military than the Liberals had.  In fact if Dion was to win in the next election...
  16. onecat

    CF Rank

    I'm not familiar with US warrents how are they different?
  17. onecat

    An Armourer's Classic Top 10 Small Arms

    "rz... Stg44, PPSH and AK are all from around the same time and taking aim at the same concept... taking up 1/3 of the list? " The PPSH is sugmachine and if you look at it the used at the height the subgun race, after which their use slowly declined to the use of the Assualt rifles and Battle...
  18. onecat

    An Armourer's Classic Top 10 Small Arms

    Good list but would have a change few, again I'm no armourer and haven't all of them but this is my list. 1) lee Enfield NO.4 2) The Mauser action. 3) FN FAL 4) The Garand and M-14 5) M-42, FN Mag, and PKM  there all good. 6) PPSH-41 7) M-16 8) AK 9) MP-44, it started after all. 10) Maxim MG's...
  19. onecat

    2nd Grader Suspended for Drawing Gun

    Lots of countries are invaded and yet the world does nothing.  Why was this one special... there was oil and money at stake.  Plus there was lots of information at the time that Saddam may of been given a green to take part of Kuwait, a but went too far. Saddam was a so a very close a friend of...
  20. onecat

    2nd Grader Suspended for Drawing Gun

    I wish i could of been at school, I was not a supporter of the Gulf War, but that principal is on crack.