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  1. Devlin

    Help identifying medals

    Gents thank you very much your Google powers are humbling! Very much appreciated.
  2. Devlin

    Help identifying medals

    Hey gang looking to get an understanding of the medals in the picture below for my wife's family. Any insight or help you can offer is truly appreciated.
  3. Devlin

    Batman of Borden

    Haven't posted in a while but this caught my attention on Facebook this morning The whole do up your own mess kit thing has gotten completely out of control it would seem ;D...there has got to be a story behind this.
  4. Devlin

    M72 found along highway in BC

    Sadly it doesn't boggle the mind too much that these guys decided to play with it and take hero pics with the M72...guess Darwin is alive and well somewhere. My 8 year old has more sense than this
  5. Devlin

    WO. Roberge 2 IRC, Sgt. Kruse 2 CER - Four Wounded: 28 Dec 08

    I too was fortunate enough to know WO Roberge as our units worked closely on numerous occassions in the reserve world. A great man and truly larger than life, he was a legend around the armouries of Northern Ontario. Last time I saw him we were having a beer at Fort Grayling in Michigan while...
  6. Devlin

    Desert Boots

    Has anyone tried the Oakley combat boots? They appear to be shoe-like in their design, not sure if they are actually any good or just more gucci kit... Link below for reference: http://oakley.ca/pd/4299/14014
  7. Devlin

    A threat to Army.ca

    Frosty as always.... ;D
  8. Devlin

    A threat to Army.ca

    I don't think it does protect in that sense but it does show a level of due diligence taken by the site to prevent such an occurence. Likely though the legal arguement would not be that simple...
  9. Devlin

    CDS stepping down!

    Well I guess we couldn't have him forever, he has accomplished a lot and is a truly great leader. It's been a pleasure Sir :salute:
  10. Devlin

    CF Issued Junk

    How about the Milverado pickups...I remember the day our unit got our two dropped off myself, my Pl. WO and the OC went for a drive down what I would call a cottage road (Sand Dam road in the North Bay area). Pulled into a cottage area to switch drivers and noticed that the headlights had fallen...
  11. Devlin

    Sound off: What are you doing right now? Aside from the obvious being on here..

    Stocking up on beer for New Years and just finished watching the Kitchener Rangers smoke the Peterbrough Pete's this afternoon 9 - 4 my daughter and her school choir sang the anthem at the game this afternoon ...very cool 8)
  12. Devlin

    Are you a pet owner?

    One Blue Tick Beagle at this house, he chases deer and rabbits for me during hunting season and follows his nose into all sorts of trouble the remainder of the year....neighbour has cats....beagle thinks cats are rabbits (I never said he was smart)....neighbour should keep cats in their yard ;D...
  13. Devlin

    Protesters Banner Kitchener Colt Plant

    These are the people that are "teaching" our future leaders....the meek shall inherit the earth after all.
  14. Devlin

    Marine wannabe?

    The West Nova Scotia Regiment
  15. Devlin

    Anyone buy one of these POS?

    I have a good buddy who manages a Canadian Tire and I check with him before buying any big ticket items...the one piece of advice he gave was to stay the hell away from any of the Siminoz products especially the pressure washers which have a very high failure rate. Throughout this summer they...
  16. Devlin

    Pics from Moparfest 2007

    There were some beautiful cars out there....I'm tempted to go back out today....alas the Honey Do list awaits (she's scared I'll buy something - she should be afraid very afraid >:D). I'll definitely be back next year though, one of the better car shows I have been too in some time. The Lions...
  17. Devlin

    Pics from Moparfest 2007

    Thought some of you might be interested, I went out to Moparfest in New Hamburg grabbed a few pics with my BlackBerry didn't think to grab my camera before I left but they still came out pretty good. http://picasaweb.google.com/Rob.Martin26/Moparfest2007 It's on again tomorrow for those in...
  18. Devlin

    "What Manner of Man " by Sgt. Darnell Bass and James Ogle

    As far as what type of soldier/person does something like this....I had occasion to deal with a few of my troops acting out of line...nothing like what's described in this thread but some of it was enough to blow your hair back for sure. In any event after dealing with one particular troop for...
  19. Devlin

    Landmines in Ont.

    If the reports described here are accurate and these devices were on a timer, then that's a very disheartening sign of the times we live in. If this does turn out to be the case one can only hope the authorities track down the oxygen thief who placed them. All that said good work to the EOD...