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  1. Bisto

    Recruting Medical - Ear Surgery

    I have the same problem, mild otosclerosis in my left ear. I will solve it with surgery. Has anyone tried to appeal after a successful stapedectomy? ( CAF Reserves )
  2. Bisto

    Appealing - Medical (hearing)

    Good day, I was ready for the interview next May 10, but this morning I got the phone call telling me that I had not been accepted because of my medical condition. My medical condition is a mild form of otosclerosis in my left ear that causes mild hearing loss. I worked for years in...
  3. Bisto

    Joining the Reserves... or not?

    Good day, Marco, 36 years old, :cdn:🇮🇹 I began my application to join the Reserves. My CFAT test is next Feb 9th. In the meanwhile, I am training pretty hard every day to be ready for the basic. I'll have my first information session this evening in Montreal, at the Combat Engineer Regiment. I...