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  1. sidemount

    Obtaining Degree While Working

    Just as an FYI right now is no new ILPs are being approved. A new policy should be coming out in the Feb time frame. My understanding is to expect a $36K lifetime cap and a few other changes.
  2. sidemount

    The Post-pandemic Canadian Armed Forces

    I think thats where the major issue is with PLQ, are the instructors like that. This is the first course where pers get the opportunity to plan and make decisions. This is the foundation that is needed to be a successful leader as they continue to advance through the ranks. Its really doing...
  3. sidemount

    The Post-pandemic Canadian Armed Forces

    Thats what I thought. Back when I did PLQ 7 years ago, some of the instructors had such hard on for the proper execution of whatever task we were given. That could be an issue with always having incremental staff teaching (not sure if staff still are CFTPO'd in or not). No real standard of...
  4. sidemount

    The Post-pandemic Canadian Armed Forces

    Exactly, and I think that's what is being lost in how PLQ is being taught. The focus shouldn't be executing the perfect doctrine recce, it should be focused on the planning process, maintaining C2 throughout and making sensible decisions (they don't need to be perfect, they just need to make...
  5. sidemount

    The Post-pandemic Canadian Armed Forces

    See and I really think thats the point of PLQ. Its not teaching you how to do a section attack or recce, its teaching you the steps of battle procedure, things to take into consideration while developing CoAs, and executing those orders under a stressful situation. When the shit hits the fan...
  6. sidemount

    Big Brother Canada

    I'm Captain Carl Gustof and I fly the CF98 :D
  7. sidemount

    PERs : All issues questions...2018-current

    That's why, imo, it mentions the observation period. If it wasn't possible to observe you doing your expected job (accounts and such problem) then a PERX may be appropriate and worth looking into.
  8. sidemount

    PERs : All issues questions...2018-current

    That is one route to go if you can argue the observation period was insufficient.
  9. sidemount

    PERs : All issues questions...2018-current

    Have you been issued a PDR part 1 to detail what is expected of you in your current position. Have you been given any follow on PDRs to substantiate what they plan on giving for a bubble score. Do you have anything to substantiate what score you think you should have.
  10. sidemount

    Voluntary Occupational Transfer ( VOT )

    Vot-u for untrained officers happen once a year. Applications are due to PSOs by october ish, and selections happen Jan ish. That being said, by the time the VOT process is open for officers again, you will likely be qualified, and have to look into the VOT for trained pers. Don't worry about...
  11. sidemount

    Ottawa soldier alleges he faced reprisals from military

    This. Quite a few times Ive seen the CoC tell someone they are entitled, yet a simple check of policy would indicate otherwise. And unfortunately its the member that ends up paying back. However that being said, i think everyone should be checking CBIs and CFTDIs and be familiar with them. I...
  12. sidemount

    Ottawa soldier alleges he faced reprisals from military

    Nope no paperwork to check but the 180 decision change sends up red flags to me. I agree there are 3 sides to every story, but I'm curious to know what would cause a complete decision reversal.
  13. sidemount

    Ottawa soldier alleges he faced reprisals from military

    I'm kind of surprised that no one has mentioned anything about the Capt who absolutely 180ed on the grievance, and then the CDS who basically ignored the external review panel. 
  14. sidemount

    Notice of Intent to Travel

    IIRC, the help file in MM states something about NOIT not required after april 19 if the leave pass is made in MM. I'll have to check tomorrow.
  15. sidemount

    Approximate wait times for pension, release f*ckery, and who to complain to

    Your old base will have a CAF IRP coordinator (usually the superintendent clerk). They can go to DCBA on your behalf with bgrs problems.
  16. sidemount

    Fingerprints ( merged )

    Everyone in the forces has fingerprints done. Back in 03 my entire basic course had them done. We all lined up and went through the process
  17. sidemount

    NCM to Officer ( merged )

    Just so you are aware, you don't OT to an officer trade. There are a few in service selection processes that allow an NCM to become an officer. That being said generally substantive Sgts receive the rank of Lt, and MCpls go to 2Lt. (Few other regs to go along with that, but thats the general...
  18. sidemount

    Russian binoculars with coloured filters.

    So just some generic filter info Most coloured filters are for blocking different wavelengths of visible light. Each colour will block a different specific wavelength, giving you better contrast while viewing your chosen object. You see this a lot in star gazing, which can use many different...
  19. sidemount

    Compulsory Occupational Transfer [COT] questions

    CFAO 11-6 in general,and annex A, paras 15-18 more specifically spell out how to properly figure out what you need. And what I said in my previous post, the change in epz is based on the date the MOC transfer is complete.
  20. sidemount

    Compulsory Occupational Transfer [COT] questions

    Ill have to look closer at the cfao and get the ref but essentially no. Your previous counts but the time from when you were removed from training in your old trade to either being put in your new trade, or qualified in your new trade (one of those, I don't recall which one) doesn't count. So it...