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  1. MJP

    Ukraine - Superthread

    You can but not from that far effectively. Works great close in for shock factor then switch to 2-3 rounds bursts, seen it used a few times to great effect. That said, whatever they were doing was likely highly ineffective given the distance, although still scary to be on the receiving end
  2. MJP

    5f or 3b release

    There is a mechanism where even if one is 5F, DMCA can annotate a release letter saying the member is medically disabled to allow for VAC benefits Traveling so I do I don't have access to DWAN links but this Reddit post has most of the right info...
  3. MJP


    Standard Light Battalion Clause 7.3, wording is different as it refers to phallic symbols but intent is the same. Might have been missed in the contract.
  4. MJP

    Canada's tanks

    Meh, there are like 4-5 countries (if that), that can project power through sealift without national seconding or contracting so I am not so upset we have to go that route. Happy for the RCN to get into/maintain the sealift business, not sure they would want too though :)
  5. MJP

    Will 2021 see a new pistol buy?

    The moving average & standard price for the case is a fairly average price and less than what one would pay if they bought it themselves. Nerd material management alert/tangent The case in the system right now is actually a complete gun kit (case plus all the of the cleaning kit, as the pistol...
  6. MJP


    The release rate is still between 8-9% for the last year
  7. MJP


    I think the rub is that while attrition is fairly normal, the trained effective strength has not kept up. The CAF roughly at just under 80% of preferred manning levels with the largest disparities at Pte - MCpl level followed by Sgt-WO. It would suggest seems that our intake and IT system...
  8. MJP

    Over 1.8B in parts going to hell in a hand basket

    Ours is more of a lack of parts issues than storage....kidding kinda.....mostly For the most part our veh engines & major assemblies (EMAS) and other parts are stored inside at the depot level but mistakes do happen. The true issue is the depots don't have the staff or the infrastructure to do...
  9. MJP

    Remission of Charges” for Single Quarters and Rations

    Full rations is the same price across the CAF
  10. MJP

    Grievance directly to CO?

    Easily may be strong of a word but the amount that are accepted past the 3 month period for a variety of reasons is still pretty decent. I am a few short years out of the game of managing grievance files but pretty much any file with decent reasoning (and timelines that matched) was accepted...
  11. MJP

    Grievance directly to CO?

    six months! Must have been a simple one :) kidding...mostly Great post
  12. MJP

    Grievance directly to CO?

    Call or walk into the nearest one to you? Conflict Solutions and Services: Contact us for help - Canada.ca Grievances have fairly strict timelines (although easily overcome) so I wouldn't wait for some random org to reach out to you.
  13. MJP

    Grievance directly to CO?

    Absolutely great post. Having been the staff, the first thing the CO is going to do is say "hey give me some deets, so I can make an informed decision" regardless of how it is recieved. Especially if it's a grievance, that is going to leave the unit. So at the end of the day sure the member can...
  14. MJP

    Grievance directly to CO?

    Not generally. A CO has staff and subordinate commanders (and their staff) that do the relevant staff/admin work on any file which is why admin usually flows through a CoC. A CO getting something directly is likely just going to ask their staff and the relevant CoC to do the staff work anyway...
  15. MJP

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    Pretty sure no medical professional is going to trust some patch. They have said many times over the years when this comes up that folks are generally wasting their money buying them patches. They were pretty adamant that they test for blood type every time it is required regardless of what...
  16. MJP

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    Meh, we live and work in all kinds of shades of grey. Not everything needs to be perfect, but when ya fix the CAF let us know :giggle: *note I am not some sort of dress slacker, I took great pride in looking professional when I was in. I just realize that there are acceptable greys in many...
  17. MJP

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    Meh the problem generally doesn't exist at units that have adjts or equivalents. Nor do those units generally wear 3b on a regular basis
  18. MJP

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    Meh, LL with a bit of weathering will still look better than 90% of current wearers of oxfords.
  19. MJP

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    That doesn't look like the executive curl
  20. MJP

    Promotion in the Reserve

    Flipped you a PM with the name of someone who can help you and the unit.