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  1. NavyHopeful

    Navy ballcaps in CADPAT

    Trying to limit the "bro-dudes"?
  2. NavyHopeful

    Navy ballcaps in CADPAT

    ********************************************************************************************************************************************************* CANFORGEN 088/23 C AIR FORCE 012/23 231542Z MAY 23 RCAF DRESS UPDATE - RCAF BALL CAP UNCLASSIFIED AS OF 01 JUNE 2023, RCAF COMD HAS...
  3. NavyHopeful

    BMQ Location 2023

    Unless something has changed, BMQ courses are all being sent to St. Jean. I know we had a Decentralized BMQ (D-BMQ) here in Halifax for a bit during the pandemic, but I haven't seen a course roll through in some time, and have been told by countless people that we aren't running them on the...
  4. NavyHopeful

    CFAT #2

    Since it's been a minute, I'm hoping that your rewrite went ok. Now, if I can speak a little to your "bruh" moment, here's some things to keep in mind about the cook trade: Cooks are considered a "purple" trade, so they can literally go anywhere, whether they are Army, Navy, or Air Force...
  5. NavyHopeful

    CFAT Problem solving

    I found for my test (ages ago, BTW) I worked on sudoku puzzles to practice my logic and troubleshooting skills, and would try to time myself to solving the puzzles in a set amount of time. For me, I found that beginner puzzles could be done in 2-3 minutes, medium-level puzzles took about 5-10...
  6. NavyHopeful

    RMC Culture, etc

    PAT section has entered the chat Seriously, though... My mantra has always been "Hope for the best, but plan for the worst." I would make sure you look into EVERYTHING first, before you jump. Better to know what you're gonna land on.
  7. NavyHopeful

    Ian [Kat] Stevens

    Definitely will be missed. I always values Kat's opinion, and enjoyed that sense of humour. He will be missed. 😢
  8. NavyHopeful

    Allowances - Post Living Differential (PLD) [MERGED]

    In all seriousness, the CFHD will benefit those who sorely need it. The ones (like me) who got used to having PLD and now don't qualify, well it does suck to be us, but the ones I feel for are those JR members who live in PMQs and won't qualify for the CFHD. I'll use the Windsor Park Apartment...
  9. NavyHopeful

    Allowances - Post Living Differential (PLD) [MERGED]

    Not making fun; I'd always take the deployment benefits. Makes the CoL a little easier when they get the extra $$$ and don't have to feed me daily. I'm one of those "weird" ones who like to get to the ship early, if only to have a coffee and ease into my day. But I won't pretend that being...
  10. NavyHopeful

    Sending letters

    Please, PLEASE, ensure you read the "Prohibited Items" section of what can be sent in the mail at CFLRS. From the perspective of a former student, there is the possibility that some of the staff may have the member open any packages in front of the platoon, to ensure any contraband is...
  11. NavyHopeful

    PSAC Strike over (Pay Implications?)

    Hmm... I've been meaning to get a new gabardine and yukon hat. :unsure:
  12. NavyHopeful

    PSAC Strike over (Pay Implications?)

    Honestly, I feel like it's likely the latter. If I see anything more than what was already announced on my mid-July pay stub, I'll consider that icing on the cake. But part of me wants to believe that our pay increase got announced BEFORE the strike mandate took effect so they could use it as...
  13. NavyHopeful

    Sudan 2023 Thread- Discussion on Our Evacuation Capabilities

    MV ASTERIX has a hospital wing onboard, complete with X-Ray, Trauma Surgery, and a Ward that can house 5-7 patients at a time. So, in the event of a medical emergency, there’s a place they can go.
  14. NavyHopeful

    Allowances - Post Living Differential (PLD) [MERGED]

    I've always said there are no stupid questions, only stupid people, so let me be a stupid person here for a second: Are PMQs also ineligible for this benefit? I've read both the CANFORGEN and the CBI ref and while neither seems to state specifically (unless I'm blind and/or skimming past it)...
  15. NavyHopeful

    Naval Security Team (NST)

    I know this thread has been silent for a bit, but I wanted to update some of the NST info for those who might be new to the term. I deployed on HMCS TORONTO in 2017, and during our RAMP (Rest and Maintenance Period) we spent a little more than 2 weeks alongside in Civitavecchia, Italy (just...
  16. NavyHopeful

    Weapons Engineering Technician

    1. Yes, your sub-trade is still selected for you.  However, I'd like to point out that your wishes do go a long way in the selection of your sub-trade.  There was input from each of my senior techs of each section (PO2s of Sonar, Radar, Comms, etc.) and they evaluated my grasp of the systems, my...
  17. NavyHopeful

    Navy drones

    I actually got qualified this fall as an Operator/Technician for the Qinetiq SNYPER-UAS this past fall.  The last I had heard was that the original intention for the SNYPER was to be a target for AAW, similar to how the Hammerhead is used for ASuW.  They were looking at adding a camera to the...
  18. NavyHopeful

    Life after death

    I grew up in a mixed bag of beliefs (Great-grandfather was a Baptist minister, Dad is an atheist, Mom is a Jehovah's witness, step-dad is Catholic, etc.) so when the time came for me to enter my religion onto my military docs, I put NRE.  It isn't that I don't have a belief in God.  I just don't...
  19. NavyHopeful

    Wi-fi hot spots coming to RCN ships

    My biggest issue with this entire story is the fact that people are being misled WRT the access to the WIFI onboard.  This system is not much different than when we used to get a bunch of WIFI hotspots and set them up in the hangar while alongside in a foreign port.  The only difference now is...