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  1. Staff Weenie

    Venezuela - Possibility of Invasion of Guyana

    Could Russia be pushing an old friend to start something on our side of the Atlantic to distract America?
  2. Staff Weenie

    Ukraine - Superthread

    I'm curious as to how the body of Prigozhin and his deputy have been identified so quickly (in just a few short hours). That plane went almost nose into the ground at a good speed, and burned furiously for some time. Any human remains would most probably by well charred chunks (possibly small...
  3. Staff Weenie

    Ian [Kat] Stevens

    Extremely sad news. RIP Ian
  4. Staff Weenie

    Ukraine - Superthread

    So, many years ago I was tasked to be one of the Med Planners/Players in NATO Multi-National Experiment 4 in Istanbul (2006 or 07). We had to study the Effects Based Approach to Operations, and apply them to a scenario based on Afghanistan. It moved away from 'taking the hill' to defining the...
  5. Staff Weenie

    Ukraine - Superthread

    So, many years ago (okay... mid 90's) when I was in grad school, we were discussing this very thing. The discussion centered on the fact that very senior military and political leaders knew full well that the Soviet military was a rusted paper tiger. The problem was that the US (and also UK, and...
  6. Staff Weenie

    Ukraine - Superthread

    Does anyone know how much of a force Prigozhin actually has at his disposal? He may have troops and some armoured vehicles, but does he have supporting fires, tanks, and any integral air defence?
  7. Staff Weenie

    Ukraine - Superthread

    Library and Archives Canada is a great resource for service records - Library and Archives Canada And: Second World War
  8. Staff Weenie

    Ukraine - Superthread

    May well be true - Ukraine was known to have endemic anthrax prior to the war, though seems to have been most under control. Anthrax spores can remain viable in soil for 50 years.
  9. Staff Weenie

    US Army Recruiting Ribbon

    'Bring a Buddy Night' used to be a very successful attraction event in the 90s. We would have simulated casualties, Ambs moving, a UMS setup, and then beer and pizza in the Mess. We got a lot of recruits through that initiative. Not sure if it would work now.
  10. Staff Weenie

    Ukraine - Superthread

    I'm old enough to have lived through three decades of this. MPs and GOFOs showing up at unveilings to tell you why the piece of absolute crap they just handed you is the best thing ever, and how it created all sorts of jobs in some riding. I especially love being told that 'item X' is...
  11. Staff Weenie

    Ukraine - Superthread

    Never!!! Whatever we pick must be: Over-priced, late, made in a riding that the LPC want to win, and made by a company that has never once made a piece of military equipment (preferably owned by a relative of an MP). By the time it arrives, it will outdated, and we will have only purchased 1/3...
  12. Staff Weenie


    Bradley was also a great enabler for Eisenhower. Through his ability to bring about consensus and support, he was able to help Eisenhower's vision translate into successful operations. And yes, Karl Malden... still an enjoyable movie to watch
  13. Staff Weenie

    Allowances - Post Living Differential (PLD) [MERGED]

    The Four Yorkshiremen enter the chat! Come to think of it.... that is a perfect analogy for mess conversations with a group of Senior Officers or Chiefs.
  14. Staff Weenie

    Medical release vs retention?

    A Period of Retention (PoR) is only possible if you meet several conditions. First off, you must be employable within your Medical Employment Limitations (MEL). Typically, if you can work a standard 40 hour week in an office setting without breaching your MELs it opens the door to consider a...
  15. Staff Weenie

    Hospital ship for Canada

    So, essentially the same capacity as the plywood R3MMU in Kandahar. Only useful if you're not expecting more than a handful of casualties at any given time.
  16. Staff Weenie

    medical history

    It seems as if you are minimizing a very serious issue. None of what you are saying addresses the fact that you clearly indicated you were found NCR for an offence, and that you were 'liberated by the RBMD' after three years. As I mentioned earlier, NCR is very rarely successful as a defence...
  17. Staff Weenie

    A Hunting Thread- A Swerve from The Global Warming Thread

    I've gone out twice for a deer hunt, and never shot anything - even though one walked right in front of me. It just wasn't really my cup of tea. However, I've had no trouble with fishing for barracuda and marlin in Jamaica. Maybe I have a subconscious hierarchy, and I see mammals as above fish...
  18. Staff Weenie

    PRes - Promotion to Maj without AOC qual

    Are enough course serials offered each year to ensure this is a viable COA? For example, we don't use JCSP for HS Res, as there are only about two positions a year allocated to us. If it were a hard requirement, succession would grind to a halt.
  19. Staff Weenie

    PRes - Promotion to Maj without AOC qual

    If AOC is the only thing missing for substantive promotion, would an Acting While So Employed, or Acting/Lacking work to put you into the vacant Maj position? I believe AWSE can carry on indefinitely as long as you're in the Maj position, but A/L buys you two years to get the course done or...