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  1. Ex-Dragoon

    Little Honking Ships......

    Nice ships....I wonder why the US Navy did not consider this hull when embarking on their LCS program?
  2. Ex-Dragoon

    LAV3 in 1/72

    Anyone know who makes any? There are a few kits in 1/35 and there is a LAV25 kit in 1/72 but have a friend who really wants the LAV3. Any hints?  thanks
  3. Ex-Dragoon

    RCN to introduce new Conduct Policy and new Alcohol Policy

    Not making excuses for this individual but its a pity, I sailed with said individual when he was on the East Coast and he is one of the few who truly cared for his subordinates and who actually had a clue on what he was doing.
  4. Ex-Dragoon

    Close in Weapons System (CIWS)

    I wonder how the combination of both CIWS and RAM might work?
  5. Ex-Dragoon

    6 RCN Sailors help battle fire ashore in Turkey- Nov. 2014

    Quite the contrast to those Turkish protesters going after USN sailors last week
  6. Ex-Dragoon

    Dissaembly and transporting a pistol

    Have you contacted the CFO? When I was posted from Ontario to NS back in the mid 90s I went through the CFO and had no issues. My firearms (restricted, non restricted and prohib) had to come with me as did my ammo as the movers would not take it. Things may have changed since then but your...
  7. Ex-Dragoon

    Canadian Forces Officer guilty of wearing unearned medals.

    Just repeating what my friends still in have said and I can understand their view. They believe had that been an NCM they would have been treated a lot more harshly and most likely given the boot. My former colleague believe there is a two tier justice system in place and unless that belief is...
  8. Ex-Dragoon

    Ship's Boarding Party [Merged]

    Well I am thinking if the training is gearing up to reflect the changing nature of boardings (i.e. the Navy looking at higher risk operations) then having some members equipped with only a Sig P225 with 2-3X 8 round magazines might not be the way to go as in years past. If the fit hits the shan...
  9. Ex-Dragoon

    Ship's Boarding Party [Merged]

    Just wondering if they will keep the p225, mp5, 870 and C8 or are the powers looking for replacements?
  10. Ex-Dragoon

    ASW options for small ships and vessels

    I wonder if fitting a Kingston with 2 different families of UUVs might be a solution? Have UUVs operate in hunter/killer pairs, one would be a hunter platform fitted with sensors  the other would be killer as a big depth charge or 1 or two torpedoes?
  11. Ex-Dragoon

    Configuring an SKS into a Scout Rifle

    Would that stock allow me to keep the bayonet?
  12. Ex-Dragoon

    Configuring an SKS into a Scout Rifle

    Any thoughts on what sort of after market accessories I should get to make my Russian SKS into a Scout Rifle?
  13. Ex-Dragoon

    "The Last Ship" tv series depicts USN AEGIS destroyer fighting global pandemic

    Whereas before some details like jt has brought up would have made me twitch being retired tends to mollify ones world view to max relax mode. ;) I don't recall where I read it but the use of American helos initially, was because it was suppose to be a rogue group from the US trying to take out...
  14. Ex-Dragoon

    Coolest WW 2 plane (split from F-35 thread)

    I was always a fan of the Typhoon, the Lightning and the Corsair.
  15. Ex-Dragoon

    The Great Gun Control Debate

    Did the SKS make the list? I have been told it has but have yet to see any confrmation or clarification.
  16. Ex-Dragoon

    CSC Weapon Systems

    Agree completely Matthew.
  17. Ex-Dragoon

    CSC Weapon Systems

    I know I should take whatever CASR says with a grain of salt however there is an article regarding using the Absalon class as our new AAD variant. While I do believe the Absalon has been discussed as a contender here before, something in the article made me take notice. The author of the article...
  18. Ex-Dragoon

    SKS Bandoleer

    Do you have a brand name and or model?
  19. Ex-Dragoon

    SKS Bandoleer

    Ok got my bandoleer from Lever Arms. If I want to put a bipod on my SKS I have to remove the bayonet correct?