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  1. quadrapiper

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    That looks about right.
  2. quadrapiper

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    Wasn't there a cowboyish hat adopted by one of the cavalry regiments (not RCMP or their predecessors), way back? Recall seeing an illustration somewhere.
  3. quadrapiper

    Sept 2023 UKR Vet Recognition Incident (merged from several threads)

    Maybe some sort of partisan, depending on the area?
  4. quadrapiper

    Informing the Army’s Future Structure

    Sell it as in aid of disaster response? Might encourage keeping the "excess" in at least vaguely deployable unit formats, too.
  5. quadrapiper

    Canadian Surface Combatant RFQ

    Purely wildlife protection groups should be the most in favour of expansive CAF footprints: generally good caretakers, and much of the footprint will be left alone for months or years at a time.
  6. quadrapiper

    Little bit of Naval Aweseome (HMCS OTTAWA ships moral badge)

    I'm amazed, given the desire to fiddle, build empires, etc. that CRCN and Comd RCAF haven't turfed branch cap badges, command pins, and whatnot from their respective DEUs.
  7. quadrapiper

    Informing the Army’s Future Structure

    Imagine there would be additional, positive, ripple effects as far as personnel, equipment, and other supporting processes across the CA, assuming there was a desire to see it fully equipped and at full strength.
  8. quadrapiper

    Cabinet Shuffle- (Wednesday 26 July).

    At least some of the floated policies have a mandatory report to parents built in: not sure that noting the edge cases (violently controlling/bigoted parents) is hysterical. So much of the up-to-adolescence interaction with gender identity is what should be good parenting: let the kids play...
  9. quadrapiper

    LGBTQ Stuff (split from other political threads)

    I'm not sure, too, where the line is drawn between a nominally cosmetic procedure and specifically GA surgery, depending on which avenue you might use to access it. There's much discussion in a US context of the number of breast augmentations carried out on/by quite young teens, IIRC often in...
  10. quadrapiper

    New Canadian Shipbuilding Strategy

    Wonder what else might be due for replacement by the time CSC 12 clears the ways.
  11. quadrapiper

    Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels (MCDVs)

    Is a specialized mine-warfare vessel (MCDV, e.g.) still useful, and would whatever capabilities make such a vessel now be incompatible with a "corvette" of some kind?
  12. quadrapiper

    Infantry training in Air Force

    Might there not be a good argument for the base security force to be structured in a way that makes it awkward to deploy, to avoid it being used as a handwave solution for both requirements?
  13. quadrapiper

    Infantry training in Air Force

    That was what I was thinking of, especially given that some possible temporary heightened situations might be ones where the Wing isn't able to afford too many bodies away from their primary duties.
  14. quadrapiper

    Infantry training in Air Force

    Wonder how many infantry would transfer. Also curious if there's any contingencies for using local PRes to augment at wings.
  15. quadrapiper

    Ukraine - Superthread

    Probably a "too hard file" item, whatever the reasons given: needs skills maintenance, standing relationships with outside agencies/sites, equipment, and a ready stream of vaguely fit, interested, and initially trained teachers who'll be able to work in their specialty without getting gripped to...
  16. quadrapiper

    Justin Trudeau hints at boosting Canada’s military spending

    Still, how long does it take to go from attested to DP1, perhaps with a few other standalone courses?
  17. quadrapiper

    Ukraine - Superthread

    Wonder if those are something in the nature of assists?
  18. quadrapiper

    Informing the Army’s Future Structure

    Would expect some lessons on information flow, processing, and communication back, re: the pervasive drones would also be valuable.
  19. quadrapiper

    Ottawa seeking ‘impartial’ board members to review military colleges

    Which, coupled with a few years' creditable service with the Colours, wouldn't be a terrible jumping off point for now-Capt or Maj Retd Bloggins. Given the NRDs were at least in part sited to capture the attention of populations who weren't either joining the RCN or already engaged in maritime...
  20. quadrapiper

    LAV 6.0

    What sort of losses would need to be allowed for from a robust training program?