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  1. Radop

    DP 1.1 IST

    Most of the messages that I received during the ACISS briefs were accurately reflected in what they are currently doing.  The MES Managers briefed us 4 times and each time they were the same.  Some of the items were modified to fit the changing environment that we were moving into such as more...
  2. Radop

    Government to go to common IT systems across all departments

    Maybe we will get a faster search engine on the DWAN....
  3. Radop

    Army Communication & Information Systems Specialists (Sig Op, Lineman and LCIS Amalgamation)

    A lot of the complaints about the amalgamation in these threads are simply BS.  Quit posting half truths and start stating what is true or state that it is your opinion. One of my favorite quotes today is one from Colin Powell.  This is not a word for word quote but it goes something like this...
  4. Radop

    Field Expedient Antennas

    Wow, 6 yrs ago make a statement on a site and re-read it again to find out that what I said came true!  Too bad I can't get PER points for that, lol. :salute: :snowman:
  5. Radop


    It is official, I am riding a desk now.  In Ottawa, no subs but still working on satcom.
  6. Radop

    Moral vs Manning

    If you are having any problems with the concepts learned on your 3s, look me up as I have a little experience with this stuff.  (look at my profile)
  7. Radop

    civi jobs in the after life

    The last three are obviously a little bitter.  I know a lot of ex-soldiers working in a veriety of professions based on the knowledge they gained in the military.  It is what you do with your training that is more important than what training you get.  I am sure I could land a job a little...
  8. Radop

    From CWO Richard - C&E Training Requirements

    Nice arguement but do you have one clue as to what you are talking about?  What building could house the C&E School in Borden that would not have to kick out some other school first?  Talk to some of the support trades and see what they think of Borden's schools.  See what kind of state of...
  9. Radop

    Moral vs Manning

    HÈHÈ sorry man.  You can whip me with a wet noodle the next time I come over there.  lol or rdf
  10. Radop

    Comm Res No More?

    Wow, I read the whole post without hitting reply eventhough some points I wanted to lash out but someone had already beat me to it.  What those of you in the reserves are going through right now is what HQ and Sigs were going through 5 years ago.  Our main mandate changed from supporting only...
  11. Radop

    From CWO Richard - C&E Training Requirements

    How will this solve the problem?  Borden has some new buildings but for the most part their buildings are falling apart as well.  The problem occurred in the 90s when there was $0 for funding capital projects and closing bases.  Now we have buildings that are falling apart, ill adept at...
  12. Radop

    From CWO Richard - C&E Training Requirements

    That's great news.  I saw him on the game a couple of weeks ago.  He is looking good.  I feel bad that I haven't been able to get up there to see him.  I have told a hundred people to say hi for me, so you will be number 101.  Tell him good luck from me.
  13. Radop

    From CWO Richard - C&E Training Requirements

    What does that have to do with anything.  Combat support means that you support front line soldiers!!!  You are expected to be able to do your job along side infanteers.  A coy signaller joins the fight while providing comms to higher and lower.  One of my former Ptes, now a Cpl, was wounded in...
  14. Radop


    I KNOW you will and every NOW and again is fine.  Keeps me in my place but I forget why due to my advancing years and too much grazing.  Take a bat with you so you can send the rockets back to the Telliman in the sand. By the way, ZBM2 to you.  HEHEHE should I say that in French - HèHèHè...
  15. Radop


    I wil send you a e-mail on that one as it has a bunch of letters and numbers I have now clue in what they stand for, lol.  Deploy me, send me to the field, but an office??? What are they thinking?  My wife keeps telling me it will be nice having me around for a while without worrying about me...
  16. Radop

    Moral vs Manning

    211radop, I thought you got in when Jesus was a lance cpl. HEHE This year's CM's brief was also interesting in that he said they promoted 89 to MCpl yet they had to go to number 116 because of medical bipasses.  That means almost 40 pers were medically unfit to receive a promotion last year. ...
  17. Radop


    19 yrs old and in a static posting, are you nuts?  Get the field out while your young. 
  18. Radop

    ETA for an LCIS QL5 package

    The career manager was here after Christmas and he talked about this subject.  It is therefore probably on his DWAN Site under Visist Briefs.
  19. Radop


    Well as solid as jellow gets, I am posted to Ottawa and Tunney's pasture this comming summer.  Don't know what to think of that but it will be my first static posting of my career (cringe).  Should have my msg by March.
  20. Radop

    Albert Storm

    monitors, please shut this one down and locker' up. Albert, RIP buddy.