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    VAC wait times

    I am not sure why my claim for PTSD went so fast. All documents were received on November 12, 2021 which started the decision making stage. On November 19, 2021 my claim was approved.
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    Medical Release SISIP LTD and VAC IRB

    Hey Everyone, Ignore the username. Made it many years ago while I was in the process of OT to MP. I have an approved VAC Claim for PTSD (47%) which is related to my service in Afghanistan/Iraq. This injury occurred while serving in the RegF. I hid my injury during my RegF service so I could...
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    No tours unless QL5 qualified?

    Not sure if this applies to CP or not, atleast i hope it does not. Is there a purpose behind limiting deployments to QL5 qalified members only?
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    Course openings

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but if you have not reported to PRETC yet chances are you will not be on the September course. There are alot of people who have been on PRETC for upwards of four months now waiting for the MP Ql3 course. Now that being said, spots do open up and you may get lucky and...
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    Component Transfer ( CT ) - Reserve to Regular

    Hey everyone been browsing this thread and could not find a answer to my question. I am curious what happens after i receive my ETP message. The reason I am curious is that my posting date is 22 march and I have received no information on who my COC is and how to contact them or if i am...
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    Military Police Assessment Centre (MPAC)

    Got my offer  :D Thanks for all the info and insight guys!
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    Military Police Assessment Centre (MPAC)

    Im not sure if this MPAC is just OT/CT as this is my situation. Was not aware if they run them separate or not.
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    Military Police Assessment Centre (MPAC)

    Anyone on the MPAC on the dates of  Feb 10-12 in borden?
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    Freeze on component transfers

    Heard some chit chat around the regiment today that the freeze was lifted or being lifted? Any official word on this, or is it just more break room rumors?
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    Freeze on component transfers

    Is This true for all trades. The talk around the mess is that everything is frozen. The reason i ask is i received an email yesterday saying my CT is being processed and they will get back to me shortly. Im going from PRES Field Arty to REG Mp. Not sure if that makes a difference?
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    Military Police Assessment Centre (MPAC)

    I am, i have my doubts though as i have not gone through my CT Interview or received any news since i put in for it. Here is to hoping! ;D
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    I want to be an MP eventually, im a Field Artillery Gunner presently, Fully qualified.
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    Just wondering if anyone has any info on TF-1-11. I have been hearing rumors of a reg force only tour. I have asked my chain of command and ill ive gotten is hurry up and wait. Just wondering what everyone has heard?
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    Differences betwen PRes DP1 Artymen and Reg DP1

    On my Dp1 for FD artillery Mod 5, and 6 were all about local defence, patrolling. That kind of stuff.
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    Sgt.'s Miok & Taylor, Cpl. McCormack, Pte. Chidley and Michelle Lang-Dec 30/09

    I had the privilege to have Sgt Miok as an instructor on my BMQ course. He was a great man and an awsome leader. May he and his comrades rest in peace.
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    Military Police Assessment Centre (MPAC)

    Well ive been all over that website and cant really find DIRECT answers to my questions and ive visited my local reserve unit and the people there again have no knoweldge about anything to do with the Military Police and they do not seem inclined at all to help me find out. Even my local...
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    Military Police Assessment Centre (MPAC)

    Hi all ive been doing alot of reading and have really not been able to find anything on the process involving in being selected to become an MP. Is it anything at all like the RCMP or your average municipal agency. Is there an entrance exam like the RCMP's RPAT. Is there a Polygraph? is there a...