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  1. AmmoTech90

    BAE NGAA - Next Generation 155mm bullet

    A CCF reduces the CEP, you still need to push a 100lb projectile 40+km. That's a lot of KE you need to overcome to make changes in direction. The CCF makes sure the unexpected ballistic variations encountered along the way are mitigated. Always regard vendors material as wildly optimistic at...
  2. AmmoTech90

    CAF Occupational Standard/MMTP

  3. AmmoTech90

    More Than Half (56%) of Canadians Consider Canada’s Armed Forces to be Old and Antiquated

    Med Hat Police Service and the RCMP Det have no cruisers. All SUV or pickups.
  4. AmmoTech90

    Possible to enroll with college degree even if the aptitude test said I wasn't qualified?

    No, but you can rewrite your CFAT (twice?), not sure about Personality/Trait test.
  5. AmmoTech90

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    My wife almost went Navy because of the cute hat, so there are options out there.
  6. AmmoTech90

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    That's a high waist and short trousers. Who designed it, Archie Bunker? Also, ugly hat on the skirt option.
  7. AmmoTech90

    UOR new equipment

    Potato-asparagus. It could have been better. It was a political purchase for Canadian-French technical cooperation. France provided a slightly sub-par missile. Canada apparently provided the Mirabel sight. We may have not liked it, but some of other countries bought multiple tranches of it.
  8. AmmoTech90

    UOR new equipment

    They were getting old, early. Due to a lack of climate controlled storage the flight motors were starting to crack causing bursting. Needed a ballistic blanket like on some TOW. Last Eryx shoot I was on was in Gagetown for Small Arms course. Over two weeks we fired over 160. Had 14 failures, a...
  9. AmmoTech90

    Ukraine - Superthread

    The Rooikat does not have an auto loader. It carries around 49 rounds that are loaded by hand. There are less than 10 ready use.
  10. AmmoTech90

    Commander of 8 Wing Trenton arrested, charged in hunting incident

    You would think he would be considered a flight risk.
  11. AmmoTech90

    RMC Culture, etc

    You have to do the job or pay back tuition. You don't get to definitively choose where the job is. If you suck at the job you chose, you will get assigned another one that may, or may not be one you like. You maybe be put in life threatening situations without an option to say no.
  12. AmmoTech90

    Ian [Kat] Stevens

    RIP Ian, your time here was too short. Chimo.
  13. AmmoTech90

    Business Class for TD Travel

    When I travelled at lot in DND, 10-16, we could get business class even though there were some severe travel restrictions. Basically it came down if it was short notice and you did not have time to arrange a rest day or layover. If you could do either it was economy for you.
  14. AmmoTech90

    Entire police department in Minnesota city resigns

    Rephrased for clarity, all credit to brihard as origninal author: This kind of thing isn't rare because it is rife with nepotism, corruption, terrible pay, major OH&S issues.
  15. AmmoTech90

    Infantry training in Air Force

    I was pretty angry at our wasted time when the depot's shipper and I had to take the morning to go into Saskatoon to pay the sales tax on two tractor trailers of TOW that had showed up the night before.
  16. AmmoTech90

    Infantry training in Air Force

    Is it the security guard regulations that were 8ntroduced a few years ago? Or was it just shenanigans at the time? I didn't really question it as I had seen the armed security guards in CFE.
  17. AmmoTech90

    Informing the Army’s Future Structure

    In Canada it's Petty Officer 1st Class or Warrant Officer, Master Warrant Officer or Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class, or Chief Warrant Officer or Chief Petty Officer 1st Class. As I'm sure you are aware. Despite your demonstrated, fervent, desire to live in the past I would appreciate it if you...
  18. AmmoTech90

    Infantry training in Air Force

    Commissionaires at CFAD Dundurn were armed in the 90s when I was there.
  19. AmmoTech90

    Little bit of Naval Aweseome (HMCS OTTAWA ships moral badge)

    The 280s started out with a 5"/54. Refitted to 76mm during TRUMP.
  20. AmmoTech90

    Infantry training in Air Force

    The 80s were a dangerous time in Ottawa to walk past an embassy. The special constabls outside the embassies had a number of NDs. Including potshots at squirrels with a MP5, and putting a 9mm round through the side of the 'bullet proof' cabin they sat in.