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  1. daftandbarmy

    Does a merger make sense?

    I interviewed someone, who applied to the CAF Reserves, who had been deployed to Iraq with the USCG during the invasion in 2003 to control the port facilities, jetties etc. They were sent in only a few hours after the USMC had cleared the bad guys out. This 'someone' also happened to be female...
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    FORCE test, COVID and PERs

    Are there any examples of such tests introduced by L1s? Seriously, I have no idea (as per SOP :) ).
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    British Military Current Events

    But one thing is for sure: the great anachronisms (Guards Division and the Bands) shall remain intact!
  4. daftandbarmy

    BC Hydro granted $171 million in no-bid Site C dam contracts as project troubles were kept secret from public

    Documents obtained by The Narwhal show BC Hydro’s former chief engineer and SNC Lavalin are among the recipients of lucrative and previously undisclosed direct-award contracts, fuelling calls for a public inquiry into the behind-schedule and over-budget hydro project
  5. daftandbarmy

    The military has a hate group problem. But it doesn't know how bad it's gotten.

    This should prove to be one of the toughest challenges faced by the US military in recent years: The Pentagon is confronting a resurgence of white supremacy and other right-wing ideologies in the ranks and is scrambling to track how acute the problem has become in the Trump era. It's an issue...
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    6 Jan 2020 U.S. Events (Split from A Deeply Fractured US)

    They should run the inauguration at Mar A Largo... just turn up on some LCACs with a random US Marine Brigade :)
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    FORCE test, COVID and PERs

    In the UK, units had PT staff who were trained by the RAPTC (Royal Army Physical Training Corps). a.k.a. 'The Club Swingers' These RAPTC trained regimental PT staff ran most of our PT testing, and helped the CO build a good fitness program to match whatever we were getting ready for. Coy level...
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    Post Secondary Degrees and Economics

    I do alot of work with various levels of the public sector. The old argument that the public sector is 'worse' at creating wealth than the private sector is ridiculous, and ignores the important, complex and dynamic interaction between these two sectors in the economy. If you talk to anyone in...
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    FORCE test, COVID and PERs

    Agreed. It's not about the training, it's about who does the testing. Based on the FORCE test rationale, I'll assume then that we'll need some kind of supreme being, in the form of a CAF level evaluator, to formally sign off on our TOET's, or run our PWT 3 for us, as well? I mean, seriously...
  10. daftandbarmy

    FORCE test, COVID and PERs

    Like weapon handling, voice procedure, vehicle and equipment maintenance, small and large unit tactics etc etc, fitness training and testing is an important part of leading the development of a successful fighting force. Even more importantly, depending on what role you play on the battlefield...
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    What to Do When You Have a Bad Boss

    Dude, I'm looking forward to your podcast series... add the one about the garbage can thing too ;)
  12. daftandbarmy

    What to Do When You Have a Bad Boss

    Kind of like the guy that was grinding her gears? :)
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    Post Secondary Degrees and Economics

    You could probably add professions like Business (MBA-type), Accounting and Legal to that list. High Finance? Still a white man's world, and a testosterone fuelled, white collared, red neck rodeo. For more information watch 'Greed' - the original version and not the namby pamby remake ;)
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    What to Do When You Have a Bad Boss

    That. Is. Awesome.
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    FORCE test, COVID and PERs

    I‘d post a PSP logo if we had one :)
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    Meanwhile back at the perpetually offended tent/Infidel tattoo questions

    You know what? You're right! I take all that back ....