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    BMOQ/BMO 2022 - Regular Force

    Recruiting Center: Hamilton, ON Regular/Reserve: Regular Officer/NCM: NCM Trade choice 1: Boatswain Application date: June 2021 First contact: June 2021 CFAT: June 2021 CFAT Results: Successful - deferred, reactivated end of June 2022 Medical: Aug 30, 2022 Interview: Aug 29, 2022 Competition...
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    Opinion...request 3rd CFAT attempt or just go ahead

    Looking for opinions. I wrote my CFAT last summer, with plans to apply to RMC. Unfortunately I was not very successful on my test (I struggle with math, and test taking in general). I tried again after 30 days, and unfortunately did even worse. I wasn't even close to qualifying for RMC, and...