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    Medically Unfit

    So after being told I was denied on my Medical in February of this year I waited for months to receive my unfit letter,though I was sure I already knew why I was denied. It just came in the mail and I was denied based on past diagnoses of PTSD, Anxiety and Depression.  I will admit in my...
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    Hoping to join the Reserves

    Just got the email and I was deemed unfit. Will now wait for the letter in the mail with the details and hopefully the option to appeal the RMOs decision. Really bummed but knew this was about a 99% probability of occurring so now have to get through the appeal. My doctor is 100% on board so...
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    BMQ Reserves 2018 - present

    I have talked to my husband and sent the recruiter another email; I am switching my application from Reserve to Regular Force! Decided to not waste time when I can meet my end goal sooner if I just got Reg Force from the start.
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    Preparing myself for disappointment

    Anxiously awaiting the email in regards to my medical! Does i really take 8 weeks?! The more time goes on the more I think Ill be deemed UNFIT.  I want this so ba and have worked so hard. I did really well on the CFAT, did great at the PT,  and had an awesome interview, would be a shame to do...
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    BMOQ 2020 - Regular Force

    Just wondering if a Reservist can take their BMQ at St. Jean for the full BMQ course or do they have to do it locally and do the 13 weekend course?
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    BMQ Reserves 2018 - present

    If my medical is approved and I am accepted and offered a position, I wanted a B class and do full time Res anyway.
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    BMQ Reserves 2018 - present

    If I did not want to do the weekend BMQ for P.Res could I ask to do the Reg.F. BMQ at St.Jean?  I already sent the recruiter an emailed but he said he is out of the office until next month. After my interview for P.Res I was advised BMQ will only be every other weekend instead of full time and...
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    Mobile Support Equipment Operator (MSE Op) [Merged]

    I am just waiting to hear back on my medical and hopefully soon I will be joining the MSE crew!  Can some folks who are MSE Op tell me a little bit more about the trade? What will I be doing mostly? What type of vehicles will I drive; specifically when first starting out?  Will/can I do some/a...
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    BMQ Reserves 2018 - present

    Hi there,     I am in the process of applying for the Reserves. So far I have  passed the CFAT, passed the PT, had an amazing interview and now waiting for the medical.  For the Reserves is there is "merit/competition list" or ia that only for Reg Force? Can some people who have gone through...
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    I will be 31 in March and have applied and waiting on my medical to be approved and hopefully soon after a job offer. I have no issue with being an older recruit its all about your perception of it.  We have more life experience which I think is an advantage over the younger recruits. 
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    Hoping to join the Reserves

    Hello hoping to get some feedback and opinions... I am in the recruiting process for the Reserves. Ive passed the CFAT, PT and Interview. (So far has been a relatively fast process applied in Nov. 2019 Went to speak to recruiter end of Nov. 2019 and took and "passed" the CFAT, Medical and PT end...