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    Films with Military Life

    Stripes  ;D
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    P-8 Poseidon

    SKT, I don't see your question as combative, and I'd say your Google FU is pretty strong as that is a great link. To be honest, I have no idea what sort of db gain is required for the bandwidth required. And yes there are issues with coverage in the north, but I'm surprised how quickly the Anik...
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    P-8 Poseidon

    SH-3 Tacco In Canada we are well served by the ANIK family of geosynchronous satellites, and the price for a dedicated Ku transponder or two would not be a real show-stopper, but that really is a moot point in terms of cost in a UAS vs manned aircraft discussion.  If we want to pass NRT ISR...
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    P-8 Poseidon

    In the case of the RQ-4B, Satcom would not be that tough of a nut to crack as the supply of C/Ku band through commercial means should address our need.  This could handle the majority of our C2 and data requirements, while additional INMARSAT and UHF DAMA access could provide the required C2...
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    The men who defined the 'Dunkirk spirit' - BBC News

    Ahhh, in that case I take my comment back!
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    The men who defined the 'Dunkirk spirit' - BBC News

    Slightly off topic, and not to belittle the efforts of those who landed on Jun 6th, but I think the gunners who landed in Italy in 1943 have that claim to fame.
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    When was a sergeant not a corporal? (CEF 1915-1918)

    Let me know if you want a picture of his headstone as we pass Bourlon Wood pretty often (I actually drove by the road marker yesterday) .  Of the many CWGC sites we've been to, it's probably one of my favorites to visit. Gary
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    Seeking Cemetery Photo - ST STEPHEN, NB (Updated 12 Jun 11)

    Michael, I'm currently posted to SHAPE in Mons Belgium, and have been to many of the Belgian and French cemetaries listed on the linked site.  Visiting CWGC's has become a standard weekend pastime for me and my family, and if you wish, I should be able to provide a bunch of pictures from this...
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    177701 - Inaugural Flight

    Globesmasher, Hope you're enjoy the maiden voyage, life in A3 Tpt has been less than cheery with all the last minute C17 issues (amongst other things). :crybaby: See ya on the 'rfang next week. bk
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    Canada's First CC177 gets painted

    Hey GS, They need to paint the names of the pilots flying that baby home to YTR under the windows..."Hedgehog" and "ojohny" would certainly add some style. ;D
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    RAF Herc desrtoyed in Iraq

    That's got to hurt when you have to blow up $70 000 000 USD worth of airplane :'(.  I can only imagine the discussions here in Canada if we were forced to do the same thing. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/6356789.stm
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    AF resources for para training.....split for C-27 thread

    This has nothing to do with hazing, although the media did have a field day with hazing and the CAR. It's a piece of aircraft equipment thats placed on ramp, which allows you to drop equipment from the cargo door and pers from the para doors at the same time (3 sec seperation).  The actual ramp...
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    AF resources for para training.....split for C-27 thread

    I’m with Globesmasher on this, most CC130 operators (me included) love doing basic/cont paras.  They’re a great FG tool for the Air Force with a relatively small YFR cost and much more satisfying from a crew perspective than hauling cabbages to Alert.  As far as their priority when compared to...
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    The CC-130-J Hercules Merged Thread

    Globesmasher, I love you analogy about the farmer who needs to replace his old truck, but what if he needs to get food out to his sheep and because he's procrastinated for soooo long the new truck he needs isn't available for a few years.  He just might have to put some more cash into that old...
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    JPADS: Is the Technology Coming to the CF?

    JPADS is the JDAM for the airlift community, and the CF has owned this technology since the late '90s. In fact, a Canadian company is one of the leading suppliers of JPADS systems to the USAF and USMC.  It really is a great technology that goes a long way in keeping the aircraft out of harms way...