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    The "Nursing Officer" Merged Thread

    Hi All, I am a civilian RPN and a QL5A Med A-PN with the primary reserves for 6+ years. I am interested in the CT to Reg Force via ROTP as a nursing officer. I have applied to McMaster and awaiting the admission decision. I sent an email enquiry to HSvcsRecruiting in summer but I did not get...
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    From NCM to Officer.

    Sorry for the demotion, Captain, my bad  :)
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    From NCM to Officer.

    Thank you very very much, Corporal Mark, that was really helpful.
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    From NCM to Officer.

    Hi All, I applied for the Med Tech position and I just obtained my diploma in practical nursing. I know that I would be an NCM when accepted but would love to know if there is an opportunity to upgrade to nursing officer using the paid university program after completing my training as a Med...