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  1. geekgirly


    Not sure if this is the correct place for this question, but since this is happening now that I am retired I though it might fit here.  So I just retired at the end of February (26 February).  I have my T4 from 2019 to file my taxes however, I have noticed that my Employment income is more than...
  2. geekgirly

    Final reg force pay question

    Hi all! I am a 4(a) VR and currently on retirement leave - final release date 26 February, 2020.  I guess my question is about my final pay. I will be receiving my mid-feb pay with a deduction - on my mid-feb pay statement it is listed as "release  20-02-25  -xxxx.xx" I know that my retirement...
  3. geekgirly

    APS 2018 OUTCAN posted back to Ottawa

    I am interested to see if anyone else is having issues upon posting back to Canada from OUTCAN in regards to the re-establishment of coverage of CMHC fees?  :whistle: There is a form on the BGRS website that the member is to get their bank to fill out and sign attesting to the fact that the...