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    Provincial Taxes While at a Det

    Good evening... Question: If a member is posted to a Det in one province with their HQ in another, what provincial tax rates should they be paying? I believe it should be the province in which they are showing up for work (the Det location)however that doesn't seem to be the case in this...
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    LCol Dr. Bill Ip

    On behalf of the Surgeon General, Brigadier General Downes/ Au nom du Médecin général, Brigadier-général Downes (Message bilingue/Bilingual message) 1. It is with great sorrow that I regretfully inform you of the sudden passing of LCol Wang-Chun William (Bill) Ip on 1 August 2018 in...
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    Frank Evans

    Frank Evans has passed away after a brave battle with gastric cancer. Funeral details, as well as a blog chronicling his fight can be found at the link below. RIP RT https://taskforcefrank.wordpress.com/2015/08/22/preliminary-funeral-details/
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    Picture on CBC

    I was reading this article today: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/joining-the-military-jarring-for-some-aboriginals-report-1.2751791 which I don't find particularly insightful or shocking, but I'm curious about the picture at the top of the article. Why would the flags be resting on the...
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    Military transfer rules hurt tepid Halifax housing market

    So this is from the Chronicle Herald in Halifax... The article is available here: http://thechronicleherald.ca/business/1212010-taylor-military-transfer-rules-hurt-tepid-halifax-housing-market It states that "the government requires the original home to be sold before the family can book a...
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    Toronto-based soldiers help treat victims of crash near Downsview

    As the subject states... http://toronto.ctvnews.ca/toronto-based-soldiers-help-treat-victims-of-crash-near-downsview-1.1490695 Not a lot of details in the article, but BZ to those who helped. :salute:
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    Trying to find a specific picture - Afghanistan

    Hello all... When I was in predeployment there was a PowerPoint presentation with a background picture that had... I believe... A Canadian soldier and an American soldier walking away from the camera, arms over each others shoulders supporting one another. I've been trying to find that picture...
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    Stamped Shell

    I figured this would be the best place to find an answer to this. I picked this up in Halifax yesterday and am trying to figure out what all the stamps actually mean. Any help would be greatly appreciated. From what I can tell, it is a 105mm shell but that is just from my simple googling...
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    PCATs and Postings

    Hello all... I'll make this as quick and (hopefully) painless as possible. I'm looking for the rules regarding being posted while on PCat. I'll do the leg work/reading, just having trouble finding the right direction. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, RT
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    Weekend travel vs Annual Leave

    I hope this is a simple question with a simple answer...just trying to solve an office "discussion", any help would be appreciated.... The situation.... I'm going from Edmonton to Vancouver on TD for a conference. Conference starts Tuesday, ends Thursday. I'm given two travel days for the...
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    Hero pix (merged)

    We all know what they are for, the photographer knows what they are for...its potentially an important part of the press should the unthinkable happen. Why are pictures being released with soldiers lacking nametapes and shoulder flags? You'd think somebody would pick up on this and correct the...
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    Naden Dental

    Is anybody able to give a street address or directions to the Naden Dental Clinic (apparently in the hospital?) Got an appointment and realize I've got no idea where the place is. Cheers.
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    Country Restrictions

    Can anyone help me find (or provide) the list of countries CF members are not allowed to travel to, or are currently restricted for travel? Trying to plan my leave...   Cheers...:cdn: