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  1. Retired AF Guy

    Nichelle Nichols dies aged 89

    Nichelle Nichols who is best known for her role as Lt Uhura in the original Star Trek has passed away at 89. Link
  2. Retired AF Guy

    HMCS Winnipeg participating in RIMPAC 2022

    An old report and my apologies if this has already been posted. Its an interesting article on the sinking of a decommissioned Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate USS Rodney M. Davis by US and allied forces, including HMCS Winnipeg which launched one Harpoon missile at the ship. Link contains...
  3. Retired AF Guy

    Croatian CL-415 in action

    Some amazing imagery of a Croatian CL-415 dropping water on a fire near Rijeka, Croatia. Originally posted on You tube in 2019.
  4. Retired AF Guy

    Over 1000 criminals arrested in major sting operation

    Interesting article on how the FBI and Australian Federal Police, plus numerous other police agencies were able to disrupt organized crime groups worldwide. Attached below is the actual unsealed search warrant that goes into detail on how the FBI/AFP carried out the operation and a FBI press...
  5. Retired AF Guy

    Origin of Covid — Following the Clues

    Remember when the pandemic first started and people were speculating as the whether the virus had actually escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology? And several scientists came out and said that no, "we [the scientific community] have no evidence to indicate that" and most of us thought that...
  6. Retired AF Guy

    Successor to the Concorde under devopment

    Wasn't sure where to place this article so the Mods can move it if they want. It will interesting to see if this ever takes place. And I'm sure various militaries might be interested, if for VIP transports if nothing else. Link
  7. Retired AF Guy

    America Has a GPS Problem

    America Has a GPS Problem The system is essential but also vulnerable. We need a backup. By Kate Murphy Kate Murphy, a frequent contributor to The New York Times, is a commercial pilot and author of “You’re Not Listening: What You’re Missing and Why It Matters.” Jan. 23, 2021 Time was when...
  8. Retired AF Guy

    Harvard Professor believes Earth (in 2017) was visited by alien artifact

    Harvard Professor of Astronomy Avi Loeb has written a book, Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth that theorizes that Oumuamua which sailed through our solar system in October 2017 was actually an artifact from an alien civilization, and not an comet as the majority...
  9. Retired AF Guy

    George Blake, Russian double agent, dead at 98.

    George Blake, one of the Cambridge Five, a group of Russian spies in British intelligence, has, according to Russian authorities passed away. Link Blake was the last of the Cambridge Five: Donald Maclean died 6 March 1983; Guy Burgess 30 August 1963; Harold "Kim" Philby 11 May 1988; and...
  10. Retired AF Guy

    V-Adm Art McDonald new Canadian CDS (Jan-Feb 2021)

    My apologies if this has already been posted. Link [/url - mod edit to add dates in thread title -
  11. Retired AF Guy

    Peter Nygard arrested in Winnipeg and hit with sex trafficking charges.

    Canada's version of Jeffery Epstein?? Link
  12. Retired AF Guy

    RCAF C-17s to get new upgrades

    The latest from the Defense News website on potential upgrades to Canadian C-17 (subject to approval from Congress). Link
  13. Retired AF Guy

    Jonathan Pollard, Israeli spy now a free man

    After 30 years in prison, and five more on parole, Jonathan Pollard, is finally a free man. From Haartez: Link
  14. Retired AF Guy

    October Crisis: 50 years on

    October will be the 50th anniversary of the October Crisis, a national crisis that followed a long line of bombings in Quebec which culminated in the kidnapping of two politicians, the subsequent murder of one and the declaration of martial law by PM Pierre Trudeau. All of which still has...
  15. Retired AF Guy

    UAE Mars Mission Launch - Live

    For those who may be interested, the UAE is launching its own Mars mission probe this afternoon. You can watch it here live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXsh4bQ52zY
  16. Retired AF Guy

    NIOD Report Appendix II Intelligence and the War in Bosnia 1992 1995

    Here is a report prepared by the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation (NIOD) that looks at the role Intelligence played in the Balkans Wars and the role of various Intelligence/Security agencies in the conflict. Appendix II Intelligence and the war in Bosnia 1992-1995: The role of the...
  17. Retired AF Guy

    US Senate confirms first Black service chief in 'historic' vote

    From Al Jazeera: Link
  18. Retired AF Guy

    Active Shooter In NS. April 19 2020

    1, 2, 3, ... Link has photos, maps and links to other articles.
  19. Retired AF Guy

    How America Lost Faith in Expertise And Why That’s a Giant Problem

    A few years old but still relevant today. And while directed at the US it can apply as much to Canada or any other country in the world. Part 1 of 2. From Foreign Affairs March/April 2017