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  1. Nickgray

    PRes signals (Sig Op / Sig Tech) training plan/location beyond BMQ & BMQ-L?

    Hi all, Would anyone happen to know the training plan for Reserve Signals trades (specifically Sig Op / Sig Tech) after BMQ & BMQ Land? DP1 and any pertinent OJT for trades qualification are my main concern as PLQ and beyond I’m familiar with. I’m a former RegF Crewman looking to reup as PRes...
  2. Nickgray

    PT partner in Calgary

    Howdy folks, my first post so I figure I'll introduce myself before we get down to business. My name is Nick H. and I have wanted to join the CF ever since I was a kid, a story I'm sure we've all heard many times before. Between juggling a desk jockey career, and previous injuries I have found...