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  1. Oldgateboatdriver

    Ahoy! Calling all UNTD/ROUTP/NROC's Out there.

    In 1923, with a fledgling RCN under threat of disappearing, Admiral Walter Hose elected to park most of the fleet alongside and use the funds to create a network of Naval Reserve Divisons and Half-divisions across the country to keep the Navy in the public's eyes. It provided the main framework...
  2. Oldgateboatdriver


    I just strikes me as a little ironic that, on this beautiful Saint-Jean-Baptiste day here in Quebec, all Quebecers are united ... in rooting from the Canadiens. ;)
  3. Oldgateboatdriver

    CMR Back in University Biz?

    The local St-Jean radio station here is reporting that CMR will go back to being a full fledged university. Anybody heard anything about this from other sources?
  4. Oldgateboatdriver

    Next Iteration of the Naval Warfare Officer Rebranding

    So the RCN just announced the next phase of it's rebranding of the ol' MARS officer. To go along with the "Naval Warfare Officer", they are also redesigning the position of Combat Officer onboard ship. From now on they will be called "Senior Naval Officer - Warfare". The RCN figures everybody...
  5. Oldgateboatdriver

    French Soldiers Killed in Mali

    I didn't see anything posted anywhere else. Yesterday, the French forces in Mali lost three more soldiers. RIP, Hunters (chasseurs). https://www.tvanouvelles.ca/2020/12/28/trois-soldats-francais-ont-ete-tues-en-operation-au-mali
  6. Oldgateboatdriver

    Over the Hump Again

    In a little less than twelve hours (at 5:02 EST tomorrow morning), we will have completed yet another one of our journeys of 940 million kilometres around our little star and the days will start to get longer again, in the Northern hemisphere. To our pagan friends, I say: Noel! And for those...
  7. Oldgateboatdriver

    Naval Reserve restructuring

    Saw this post by FSTO in the Army Reserve Restructuring thread and thought we could expand a bit here on the naval aspect: I'll start by disagreeing, a bit, with FSTO. What nearly destroyed the NRD's is not the original concept that the MCDV's were reserve only ship's, it was the Regular Force...
  8. Oldgateboatdriver

    What's up with 24 Sussex?

    As we all know, Trudeau jr. agreed four years ago not to reside at 24 Sussex so that the National Capital Commission could finally carry out the renovations they have long wanted to do. To this day, not much has been done, other than finding out that the place is in worse shape than it first...
  9. Oldgateboatdriver

    Still the Greatest Power on Earth

    MSC Zoe after an Atlantic storm: http://www.seatrade-maritime.com/news/europe/video-damage-to-containers-on-the-msc-zoe.html She is a Post-Panamax vessel - to quote the president, a "HUGE" vessel - And the sea, she still wants to kill us all. :nod:
  10. Oldgateboatdriver

    World Cup 2018

    ENGLAND! ENGLAND! ENGLAND! What else needs saying! :nod: :nod: :nod:
  11. Oldgateboatdriver

    Politics and Religious Fundamentalism

    Actually, T6, I would not have phrased the question as you did. The use of "lacks" would presume that one is required, which in Canadian politics, is not the case. We don't have one, and we don't need one. And, as was indicated above, religion plays no part in our politics and we couldn't care...
  12. Oldgateboatdriver

    Henry, John Chester, BGen (Ret) RCAF

    For info for those who knew him: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/montrealgazette/obituary.aspx?n=john-henry&pid=188640903 Condolences to the family.
  13. Oldgateboatdriver

    Ain't Karma a Bit##!

    You can't make stuff like that up: President of the American Heart Association suffers heart attack ... at a heart health conference he was attending. http://nationalpost.com/news/heart-association-president-has-heart-attack-during-heart-health-conference
  14. Oldgateboatdriver

    Real Canadian Hero of Dunkirk to be Honoured

    I wasn't sure if this should be here or Navy General, but it seems more appropriate as history. According to the Montreal Gazette, the real hero of Dunkirk ,the Canadian (Montreal) born Lcdr who stood on the pier at Dunkirk for four days to coordinate all boarding activities, will be honoured...
  15. Oldgateboatdriver

    AFG: The Rink is Coming Home

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the iconic Kandahar Canadian Hockey Rink will be coming home, for display at the War Museum, and possibly at the Hockey Hall of Fame. I know many of you will have fond memories of it when seeing it again. :cdn: :salute...
  16. Oldgateboatdriver

    Certification of Bell 505

    Dateline Mirabel, Qc - Bell Textron today announced that its latest incarnation of the Bell Ranger, the Bell Ranger X, designated as the Bell 505, has obtained it's flight certification from Transport Canada, with FAA certification expected to follow very soon. Bell Textron, in Mirabel, already...
  17. Oldgateboatdriver

    Politically Incorrect? To all you pagans and celts out there on Halloween night

  18. Oldgateboatdriver

    Jim Prentice killed in plane crash

    CTV News Montreal just announced that former Alberta premier Jim Prentice was just killed in an airplane crash in B.C. He was not nicknamed Gentleman Jim for nothing, having refused to do dirty politics his whole life. He will be missed. Condolences to the family and friends.
  19. Oldgateboatdriver

    Montreal set to honour "Queen of the Hurricanes"

    The City of Montreal has selected the name of  Elsie MacGill for one of the new streets being opened in the old Cartierville airport redeveloped land. The Vancouver born Elsie MacGill graduated in electrical engineering from the university of Toronto and later became the first Canadian, and...
  20. Oldgateboatdriver

    Challenging All Currently Serving Members (Military and LEO/EMS)

    You may have noted that, for Canada's 150th anniversary, CTV has decided to produce a video "time capsule" by asking all Canadians to film themselves on Saturday, September 10, 2016, to produce a "Day in the life of Canadians" visual record. Since this is CTV, I would like to challenge ALL...