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  1. Delta

    What is driving North Korea's economy?

    If North Korea is as isolated as the West say it is, why is it still operating? I know the Chinese and South Koreans are supporting it for their own interest. But are those two countries really what's holding North Korea up? Off topic: April of this year, the Ryugyong Hotel is back under...
  2. Delta

    [DEU] Where do I put this little guy?

    Recently got promoted and I was handed one of this , any of you know where does this go? Tailor is not available due to CF's contract was not renewed, so I got to do it by hand. Thanks.
  3. Delta

    [ENQUIRY] North Atlantic Treaty Organization

    North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in a nutshell is "attack on one is attack on all." What if a NATO member becomes the aggressor and attacks a foreign nation, that foreign nation counter-attacks with full force onto the NATO aggressor's soil. At this point, will the entire NATO gets...
  4. Delta

    Rucksack march questions

    On my BMQ, I heard this reservist infantry recruit telling stories about the senior infantry members having knee problems after spending so many years doing ruck marches. I was doubtful at the time, because in theory every reg force infantry will have bad knees given that they do much more...
  5. Delta

    What will you do? - Civilian Wearing Cadpat?

    As I was getting off work today (I work for chain supermarket), I saw this person with the typical homeless person look, refunding some items at the customer service counter. The person was wearing the CADPAT top as a normal shirt on top of another t-shirt. That person's CADPAT top was missing...
  6. Delta

    Military Service on your Resume

    Hi everyone, I am currently in the Army reserve and just graduated out of high school looking for a summer job. Other than the Reserve I have no other paid work experiences. I am not sure whether I should put the Army Reserve on my resume to increase my chances of getting hired. Being in the...
  7. Delta

    Running Shoes Recommendation

    Same as subject, which running shoes do you guys/gals recommend? I'll be doing BMQ and SQ in the summer, so I want to do my running in a good pair of runners, any recommendation(s) is/are appreciated. Nothing more expensive than $130 please.
  8. Delta

    Combat Boots and Running

    Are there any problems when running with combat boots on? I heard that you screw your ankles up when you run with weights while wearing combat boots. The rule changed now that they let you do PT wearing civilian running shoes, then why are the instructors expect you to run around with combat...
  9. Delta

    Need Guidance on Rucksack March

    Hi, can anyone tell me some pointers when doing the rucksack march? Because I was training on my own, I found that the following problems happening: 1. my left trapezius muscle seems to be taking more load than the right one, even though I secured the rucksack equally tight on both sides. 2...
  10. Delta

    Tips on Cleaning the C-7

    Can anyone give me some tips on cleaning the C-7 rifle? Even though I cleaned my C-7 the night before inspection, it somehow got dirty in the morning (the chamber part). Anyone feel like the barrel is a b*tch to clean? I did at least 20 something pull-throughs and the it still made the cloth...
  11. Delta

    Pushing to the Limit

    Once in a while we hears some teenager dies for playing too hard in the sun. Doctors come out to warn us about knowing our limits. Is it really okay to push to the limit for BMQ? What is your 2-cent on this? I certainly don't want to be like the guy who drowned in the mud for doing too much...
  12. Delta

    List of Issued Equipments

    Hello, I am wondering if there is a way to see the list of items that you checked out from the army? I filed a loss report, the guys down at my regiment issued replacements to me. Next week, I found my lost items, I then returned my replacements. I just want to make sure that the system don't...
  13. Delta

    Female American Recruits Training

    I just read this article on the boot camp training, possibly BMQ, for female American recruits. These stats are all taken from that Chinese web site I was reading. - 27 rounds, at least 6 rounds hit target on live fire exercise - 13 chin-ups - 47 situps - weighted (46kg) march with M-16...
  14. Delta

    Types of Ammuniation

    Another BMQ course question, what are the different types of ammo the CF uses? I believe there are 5 types (correct me if i am wrong): blanks, dummy, tracer (red-tipped, leaves a 50m trail), incendiary and ball. If you know the characteristics of each ammo type, please list, would help me alot...
  15. Delta

    Make Safe and Make Ready

    I had my BMQ course like last last week, I am beggining to forget some of the stuff, I don't want to get yelled at by the instructors. I can really use some brush up on C-7 handling. Can anyone here describe the procedure for the Make Safe and Make Ready?
  16. Delta

    Breaking in new boots

    Hello mates, I just finished up my first weekend BMQ section. I noticed that the top part of both of my toes (the big ones, not the little ones) are like f*cked. I can barely feel pressure exerted on that part of my toes. Do you guys think that feelings and sensity will come back or I am screwed.
  17. Delta

    C7 and Attachment

    How many of you have a grenade launcher attached to your C7?
  18. Delta

    Unhappy Incidents

    Hey you all, I just joined the militia, gonna receive my BMQ next month. I am wondering whether any of you had any unhappy incidents involving you wearing your uniform in public. Like did any anti-war protestor scolded at you for joining the armed forces.