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  1. jaysfan17

    Religious or Spiritual Accommodation

    Good day everyone, I just have a general question with regards to DAOD 5516-3, Religious or Spiritual Accommodation. There is a grey area within this DAOD which I can't seem to figure out. If someone requests for a specific accommodation under DAOD 5516-3 are they able to maintain practicing...
  2. jaysfan17

    DFS Machine Gunner Badge

    https://cpgear.com/collections/operational-badges/products/dfs-machine-gunner-badge Does anyone know the specifics of this qualification badge? I’m wondering what course people take to get it or if there’s a CANFORGEN out there on it.
  3. jaysfan17

    Dive Medical Forms

    Good day everyone, I'm posting on here as a last resort in the hopes that there may be one more option to try. I sent my dive pre screening forms off to CFEME through the base hospital in Kingston, Ont in November of 2019. The docs were sent back to the dive medical officer on Feb, 10. 2020...
  4. jaysfan17

    Shaving while off duty

    Based on the title of the post this will be a shaving question. Specifically geared towards those who cannot grow a proper beard in accordance to the standards of the new beard policy. What I’ve noticed at my reserve unit (specifically the clerks) is if you’re off duty or on leave and need to...
  5. jaysfan17

    Looking for Navy Personnel

    Good day, I was wondering if there is anyone on this forum that currently works at PCC in either CFB Halifax or CFB Esquimalt. I was hoping to talk to them about upcoming Naval deployments where a reservist boatswain (me), could try and get on. If so, we could talk more about it through PM as I...
  6. jaysfan17

    RMC website is out of service

    The RMC website is down right now which really sucks because all my school work is done online through moodle. Would anyone by chance know what's going on?
  7. jaysfan17

    Naval Security Team (NST)

    I came across this link awhile back: http://www.navy-marine.forces.gc.ca/en/news-operations/news-view.page?doc=new-naval-security-team-will-enhance-force-protection/isvdkv13 I thought it would be an interesting course to pursue. At my unit they've already put out the sign up sheet for...
  8. jaysfan17

    BMNQ Graduate-August 5

    It’s been awhile since I’ve been on the forums. I was away this summer doing my BMNQ for seven weeks. Since getting back in early August I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on my experience and think about whether or not I want to do this full time. Unfortunately, I am leaning towards pursuing a...
  9. jaysfan17

    I received some more kit today, but I have a couple more questions.

    Hi everyone, I was hoping someone on here could answer a couple of my questions regarding some of the kit that I've received and some more kit that I would like. Today, I went to the base supply store to pick up my DEU's and I was actually given a lot more than I thought (socks, shirts, pants...
  10. jaysfan17

    Finally got accepted into the CF.

    My enrollment is on March 21; and my pre-BMQ training starts on 23 (Reserves). This whole process took too long, but I'm very anxious to get going.
  11. jaysfan17

    jaysfan17-name change

    Username has been changed to luttrellfan.
  12. jaysfan17

    Applicant at a crossroads. Can you guys give me some advice?

    I have been declared a V4 so I won't be able to join any combat specialist trades. It was always my dream to be in the Infantry. I am considering Lasik eye surgery, but I believe I should consider other possibilities before I make a big decision like that. Right now I am just waiting for the...